Now that I have your attention, my name is Trevor. Yet another in the long line of reformed Christers here at the Nexus. I've been five years out of theological repression, and couldn't be prouder of it. So from you, I just want to know: If you could remove religion's evil grip on one specific thing about the world with one wave of your Harry Potter brand magic wand, what would that be? Allowing stem-cell research? Gay rights? Getting rid of those bloody fake church bells that ring every day? What's your magic?

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Hi and welcome to A|N! The one thing I would like to see removed would be religions hold on politics and government world wide.
I'd rather have the Rapture happening at once.
Hi Trevor!
For me it would be stem cell research. My daughter is profoundly disabled and the research could be very beneficial to her. I won't get started on a rant about GWB's insistence to NOT have any research. I'm so pissed that we're 8 years behind on this. My daughter is only 10. Well, Stem cell would be my pick or getting religion out of politics.
Well, since we're talking about magic 'd go for the whole deal at once - the eradication of superstition.
Hi Trevor. Unfortunately for me there is no easy answer for this question. Since I barely remember being christian, I would have to take into account all religions. So I would say religion out of government across the board. Religion should be a private endeavor.

Welcome to A|N.
The most common response to this question is usually "get religion out of EVERYTHING NOW!" Religion has it's venomous fangs in so many aspects of humanity that there really is no good "specific" response. It's like trying to stop a river with a Kleenex. So the next thing is: What are we, as people, doing to sew the seeds of enlightenment when this flood of ancient ignorance keeps trying to drown our work? Living in North Dakota, the windows in the room of freethinking have been well and truly painted black for a long time. Slowly our small group, the Red River Freethinkers, has been making inroads. We had a movie night showing Julia Sweeney's "Letting Go of God" to a crowd that overflowed the little theatre we had booked. But we're looking for ways to connect with people emotionally, not just intellectually.
Any ideas/suggestions of things other groups have done?
Can I get rid of Sunday school?

Or maybe re-erecting the wall between the church and the state, getting the government to realize that churches are just businesses that can't deliver on what they sell.

As far as the general American populace goes, I think evolution is an excellent tool given it's importance and the large amount of evidence for it, and the fact that so much money is invested into defeating it.
I think I would remove the "ownership" that religion claims over morality. I'm a good person and I believe in real "Christian" values, in other words I think Jesus was a righteous dude, a good liberal and had some fabulous ideas, as Al Franken would say "none of them new." However the vast majority of self-described Christians that I've met are judgmental, close-minded and not at all like that guy they think is the son of their god. So I'd say BEGONE to their so-called god-given morality and lets put it back where it belongs, inside of all of us, even we heathens.
I would take away their tax exempt status. I think that most motivation to decieve others would dissapear without the financial incentive.
I COMPLETELY agree with you, Zarathustra. To hit them in their tax-exempt wallets would have a HUGE impact.
I'd eliminate the growing hatred of science.
I'd eliminate the distance that separates the fundamentalist christians from the fundamentalist muslims, and then sit back with a bowl of popcorn.


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