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Hey Guys - I'm new to Nexus - but I wanted to post my little ode to the "holy scriptures"


Let me know what you think...and feel free to share/critique....


Thanks again - and GOD BLESS ATHEISM



Excellent work, Mike! It's a pity I don't own a copy of the book and I never finished reading it.  What happened in the end? Can you send one?  I need paper for my old cat's poops.

Hahaha......Have you actually tried to roll a joint with pages from the bible??


Trust me - when we shot the video it wasn't as easy as I thought it was going to be. Good thing jesus was on my side. hahaha


Thanks for your feedback Becky

Great video Mike, I came across it a couple days ago on YT and posted it on Facebook.
Keep up the good work.
I used to have a kind of expensive one with very very thin paper, could have rolled great joints with it.

Yeah, my New American Bible would make good rolling paper.  My KJV, not so much.  There's a lot of variation in paper quality.


Personally, I'm morally opposed to desecrating books of any sort, but that's just me.

I had quite a few of them growing up. The thing is, by the time I was 8 or 9 all my family knew I was an atheist yet they kept buying me bibles for my birthdays and so forth. I guess they thought I'd change my mind.  I was never able to read it cover to cover.  I was reading at an early age and just hated the damn book.  I had a subscription to the Science-Fiction Book club by the time I was 10, and never looked back.
Well, it's good to know, for the purposes of dealing with the fundies.  Knowing their holy book better than they do gives you a certain power.  For what it's worth, it gets better once you're out of the Pentateuch.  The writing style of those 5 books is quite painful.  Apparently that was before God took the creative writing class.

"It is a curious thing that God learned Greek to when he wished to turn author - and that he did not learn it better."


I always thought it made a semi-decent doorstop.  Outside of that ... feh!
Haha..I thought about it as a doorstop, but I didn't care for b.s. being aired in my

Great video.  I felt delicious pleasure years ago when I tossed the expensive bible my mother gave me when I turned 14 in the trash.  I couldn't stand to have it around.  I suppose it felt extra good because it represented a time in my life where I was being told CONSTANTLY that my sexuality was something to be ashamed of. 

So, thanks for the ideas.  I won't let the next one go to waste!

Oh Dr Kellie......I am so there with you...I just really don't feel like even thinking about that book one more day of my life.  When I decided that I couldn't pretend to believe in that crap anymore, I pretty much didn't want it any where near me.  Plus, it's ink is toxic, so you can't wipe with it, much less smoke it, and burning it causes pollution...(it pollutes in more ways than one!) Maybe door stop, but I'm with you.  You don't need to have a reminder of all the bull shit you have endured on it's behalf.  Good riddance!!! Buh-bye!!!


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