Betty Bowers - America's 5 Favorite Ways to Ignore Jesus

Christians ignore Jesus?!?  Who ever HEARD of such a thing???  No less an authority than America's BEST Christian, Betty Bowers!



Have you had YOUR Betty today?

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That's funny. Thanks for posting. I've passed it along.

Ain't it amazing just how funny the truth can be?!? [chuckle!]

Thank you Loren - very funny video! I appreciate you posting it.
Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family.

She is so good! Thanks for posting this!

I was just thinking the other day how hypocritical it is for people like Newt Gingrich to decry gay marriage when they have gotten divorced and remarried (which, according to all 3 synoptic gospels, is considered adultery).  If they want to outlaw gay marriage, they should also be calling for the outlaw of second marriages (except in cases in which their first spouse died or committed adultery).



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