With the Taliban making further gains in Pakistan, my video on the endmeme takes on increased importance.

The endmeme is the belief that God is coming to destroy the world as described in the Book of Revelation. It is extremely dangerous for humanity to have over five billion people infected by it.

Self-fulfilling prophecies have occurred all too often. If religious people carry their beliefs to their logical conclusion, it's only a matter of time before they start using nuclear weapons.

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You are so right, Richard. Not sure what is to be done about Pakistan. I assume we can't be far from their next military coup. There are times when my scary quasi-conservative side rears its ugly head and says we should nuke all the Taliban and Al Qaeda stronghold areas; chalk it up to urban renewal and start over. At least we finally have reasonably intelligent people at the helm to lead us through these difficult times. Someone recently suggested the internet will be a powerful force to open people's minds and help break the stranglehold of religious indoctrination. We can only hope we start seeing some of that as soon as possible. I actually believe (the bastards have even tarnished that perfectly good word!) we ARE seeing the effects here in the United States. Let's hope it spreads fast before a real Armaggedon shows up.
Thanks, Jack. Your comments are spot on. These people have to come out of the Dark Ages. I agree with you that the Internet is a powerful tool. Education is the answer, but it's a race. Here's a line from my book, Mirror Reversal.

The leaders of the church hierarchy don’t give a damn – ‘cause they believe the world is going to be destroyed anyway. And it looks like it will, in a self-fulfilling prophecy. What a cruel ironic cosmic joke! Books written by goat herders and fishermen, determining the destiny of mankind and the entire planet.”


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