Beyond Heaven and Hell: What Happens to An Atheist at Death

I am really hot to go to Hell. As I will be cremated, I will imagine the funeral director as a little man in a red suit with tail and little horns, who pokes at me as I crisp. Then, I will have breakfast with Nietzsche, lunch with Hemingway, and dinner with Chris Hitchens. You gotta admit, that's one hell of a day.

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I believe when we all die our spirit returns to God. No hell.

The Lake of Fire but this is not a bad thing. You see God's fire is spiritual to change us not literal fire like religion teaches.

Ecclesiastes 12: 7 Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.

Gee, aren't you commenting on the wrong web site?

No not at all. Are we not discussing where people go after death???

Hell is a religious man made lie and not found in the original language of the Bible. 

When you join this website, you are asked to certify that you are a nontheist.

A "nontheist" is someone who does not have a belief in God (except perhaps as God = laws of physics or something like that). 

From what you say, you are a theist.  So, you don't belong here. 

I cannot change anyone mind.  


Wow.  I guess Atheist are just as closed mind as religious people. 


Our English word “religion” comes from the Latin “religio” which means “a taboo, a restraint” and bespeaks of a system exercised by the will of man designed to gain favor with God. The word broken down is “re” (return) +”ligare” (to bond with a restraint). Simply stated the word means… RETURN TO BONDAGE.


Main Entry: 1ta·boo                        
Variant(s): also ta·bu /t&-'bü, ta-/
Function: adjective
Etymology: Tongan tabu
1 : forbidden to profane use or contact because of what are held to be dangerous supernatural powers
2 a : banned on grounds of morality or taste <the subject is taboo> b : banned as constituting a risk <the area beyond is taboo, still alive with explosives -- Robert Leckie>


This truly is a religious forum. TABOO

Smart and closed minded just like our religious friends. There are a lot of smart religious people and just because your belief system is physical does not make you all knowing. God may be Santa Claus to a natural person like you and that makes total sense to me. No problem.  the natural, nonspiritual man does not accept or welcome or admit into his heart the gifts and teachings and revelations of the Spirit of God, for they are folly (meaningless nonsense) to him; and he is incapable of knowing them [of progressively recognizing, understanding, and becoming better acquainted with them] because they are spiritually discerned and estimated and appreciated.

All you have is persoanl attacks just like our religios friends. 


As others have said.. this is not a forum to debate the existence of god.. there are plenty of those.

When joining you agree that you are an atheist.. which you are not.. so go away.


Actually, Melinda, if you think about it, Benoni is a typical theist. He lied to get on this site to proselytize to the heathen, "closed minded" infidels and apostates here. And, that's what theists do. LIE.  They make shit up then lie about it to others because they are desperate to squelch dissenting opinions and have everyone agree with them and think like they do. Reason #138 as to why I'm an atheist. I can't bring myself to be that immoral to be a theist.

@Benoni. You are the archetypal god botherer. Someone disagrees with you, and calls you out on your BS, and you falsely claim persecution and "personal attacks." I suppose that gives you a common tribal bonding with your fellow superstitionists so you can play the role of the hurt martyr. Now, if we here are really a form of a religious group that wallows in our own taboos, why do you find it necessary to lie, be deceitful, and blatantly dishonest to get on here? If not for the chance to "convert" one or more of us. Go somewhere else to bang your tambourine and lie for your god.

Bravo!  Well put.  There are plenty of Christoid sites she or he can go to post their claptrap nonsense. Benoni is a proselytizing moron.

Good point.  It's like calling not playing golf a sport.

Well said. We don't believe in any god or gods, period. Some people just don't get that. In my case I've studied the Bible so much that belief was no longer an option. God is a myth!

But it's strange that you go to other so called atheist sites and eventually find someone who thinks "you are angry at god." They then do a switch on you and tell you how to "get back with god." The sites were theist after all. Wake up and get it. We have no belief system. There are no gods and therefore there is no deity to believe in! We die and we cease to exist.

If atheists worship anything at all it is reason.  Belief is fantasy.




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