Beyond Heaven and Hell: What Happens to An Atheist at Death

I am really hot to go to Hell. As I will be cremated, I will imagine the funeral director as a little man in a red suit with tail and little horns, who pokes at me as I crisp. Then, I will have breakfast with Nietzsche, lunch with Hemingway, and dinner with Chris Hitchens. You gotta admit, that's one hell of a day.

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I've probably related this elsewhere, but what the heck:

Remember back in the early days of PCs when you were writing a letter or some other kind of document on your PC when all at once there was a power glitch? What happened to that document? It was gone, plain and simple, because it was stored in RAM - Random Access Memory - and RAM is VOLATILE, which is to say that when it loses power, it also loses whatever was stored on it, because it was never designed to maintain what it recorded in 1's and 0's without power.

The brain is no different. Cut the blood flow off to the brain and after a short march of minutes, it loses its ability to maintain its state, and whatever it held in memory is just as lost as the letter being written on the PC. There is no "hard disc" to back-up what is in the brain, no mechanism to archive those thoughts and dreams and processes, and no means to restore them, even if blood flow is reestablished. The PERSON, along with his or her thoughts, dreams, memories, all of it is LOST.

Anyone who wants to suggest that anything else happens bears the burden of describing and explaining the principles and mechanics of just HOW human consciousness, which is utterly dependent on the human nervous system, survives the fatal failure of that system. To date, I've yet to hear any kind of explanation which has the remotest credibility ... and I suspect I'll be waiting a long while before I do.

I noticed yesterday (Sunday) that a rather large group of new members was approved for membership.  I suspect there may be several spammers and theists among them.  I already reported a profile yesterday that was advertising Nike footwear.  That profile was deleted quickly by the administrator. 

The theist in this forum obviously doesn't belong here either.

Please be diligent in the coming weeks about reporting similar members.

As far as what happens when we die, I have nothing to say, as nothing happens beyond death. 

Ah, you must mean Benoni. One must suppose he or she is praying for us.  And to that I would say, "Go right ahead, it won't do any of us any good.  Prayer is bullshit."  As far as Pat's comment on theists is concerned, I would like to add that it is characteristic of Christers that they are compelled to feel put upon.  They long for another age, that of Nero Caesar, sending them to the colosseum to face bulls, lions, tigers, oh my!  After all, the are only emulating their mythical "savior."  I say rather than excoriate them on these pages, we should buy them each three railroad spikes and a couple of timbers.  I'll nail 'em up myself if they sign a hold harmless contract.

"I do not fear death. I was dead for millions of years before I was born and it never inconvenienced me a bit." Mark Twain

First the recycling and the unusable parts will be cremated.

The hardest thing to imagine is what probably happens to everyone who dies: complete oblivion. No feeling, no thought, no joy, no pain. It is very difficult to envision this, but of course anyone who has experienced general anesthesia has had a piece snipped out of their tape, so just imagine the tape coming to an absolute and final end.

It is very interesting to me that your posting, at least in one sentence, reminds me of the Heart Sutra of Buddhism.  I think of death as emptiness.  (Although the sutra is about becoming a bodhisattva, or Buddhist saint -- and all the dogma that it entails -- I do not need it to appreciate the poem.  Remember, one of the Popes referred to Buddhism as "an atheist religion."  The Dalai Lama took him to task, but I think he did it half-heartedly; after all, the dalai is blasting organized religion lately.)

all things and phenomena are marked by emptiness;they are neither appearing nor disappearing,neither impure nor pure,
neither increasing nor decreasing.
Therefore, in emptiness,
no forms, no sensations, perceptions, impressions, or consciousness;
no eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, mind;
no sights, sounds, odors, tastes, objects of touch, objects of mind;
no realm of sight up to no realm of consciousness;
no ignorance and no end of ignorance,
up to no aging and death,
and no end of aging and death;


no suffering, accumulation, cessation, or path;
no wisdom and no attainment.

It's also in accord with Epicurus' view of death as I understand it. It's what makes the most sense in view of experience.


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