Beyond Heaven and Hell: What Happens to An Atheist at Death

I am really hot to go to Hell. As I will be cremated, I will imagine the funeral director as a little man in a red suit with tail and little horns, who pokes at me as I crisp. Then, I will have breakfast with Nietzsche, lunch with Hemingway, and dinner with Chris Hitchens. You gotta admit, that's one hell of a day.

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Matthew 18:28

Verily I say unto you, There be some standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the Son of man coming in his kingdom.

when you can introduce me to these at least 2 of these people that are still living, because some.... is greater than one, we have something to talk about...otherwise you have nothing  to say, because you are no different than all the other religious cult members through history that make claims they can't back up.

It seems that member Benoni is no longer with us.  (Thank god?)  His profile is gone but the posts he made during his short stay with us have somehow managed to live on eternally. 

Benoni, you need to go preach your bible myth somewhere else, by the way when I die I am going to the school of medicine jeje

Booklover is right! When you die, you are dead. Like deader than a door nail! You know NOTHING at this time. You were here but now you are gone. Pretty simple really.

But some have fancy ideas of death. You could take frozen peas (for example) and put them back on the vine again. This won't work! They are already dead. Once a cure for cancer has been found you can cure a man that died of cancer. Problem is - you forgot that he was already dead. You missed again.

Along this idea I have developed a time machine. It is and electric cord that you plug into the wall and it has a switch. Hook it up properly, throw the switch, and you are instantly into the future. It needs a little work though. I have yet to figure out how to bring you back.

I think death is why God caused the fall. 

This happens....


Although i have told my wife i want to be cremated and the ashes mixed with concrete to make a garden ornament.. at the moment the preferred shape is a cast of my buttocks sticking up out of the ground.

I like that.  Still trying to figure out where my ashes should go.

Perhaps they could be added to a vat of porcelain.  That way, they could be poured into the molds used to make terlets.

I've heard of a ceramicist having this done with his own work. I'm not sure if the ash was mixed in with the glaze or his bones left in the kiln to flash his work, but it certainly is an interesting thought!

That's funny. My wife wants her ashes mixed with concrete as well. She'd like to be a bird feeder, placed under a tree we planted on our property. She may cling to Catholicism but she's made clear, she has no use for her dead body.

I've donated my remains to the Wake Forest School of Medicine.  I hope to give my death some meaning after I go and donating my body for medical students to study seemed to be the best path.

Richard, that's what I want to do as well.  It's one last way to help and benefit Humanity "beyond the grave."


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