My name is Leon, I'm a college student in Emporia. Life here is interesting as I see all kinds of theist in this international school, some more tolerant than others. I've been atheist for nearly 8 years, although only recently in last year or so becoming active and out spoken in my beliefs as it can be rather taboo around these parts to not be religious.

I must say finding this community has been great i've already starting meeting some interesting people as well as read some great things.

At any rate, Hello Hello Hello! I hope to meet many more of you.


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Hello hello hello Leon!
Emporia Kansas? Been there, you are surrounded by theist. Beware.

Ever read "What's the matter with Kansas?" by Thomas Frank? if you google the title it will take you to his page - where he has a short movie intro. I think some of it was shot in Emporia.

Welcome, Leon
Yeah.. lol on way to emporia, I pass a billboard that states "accept Jesus or regret it for ever."


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