Bible Cited As Authority for AR-15 Giveaway: Will Insanity Never Cease?

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My peace I give unto you ... bam bam! 

That's what it sounds like... 

If Troy's mayor (or a candidate for the position) wants to ban guns, this is political protest.

If enough other people are also doing gun give-aways, it's effective political protest.

Which begs the age old question. What caliber would Jesus use?

Well, in the case of the above giveaway, apparently .223 cal ... or 5.56 mm, if you prefer.

"Will Insanity Never Cease?"

So long as people want to base their beliefs in emotion, on failed texts and the irrationality of systems of thought which do not and will not recognize reason ... no, I'm afraid it won't.

In the fine print at the bottom

"Grace Baptist reserves the right to disqualify those of questionable character"

I think that rules out the minister, the politician, and a fair # of those attending if they are attending to get the weapon.

And James, for your rhetorical question, this madness will never end.  Given the thousands of years of human history, it appears murder, and religion, and xenophobia, are in our genomes.  Peace be with you.

I doubt they had ministers, pols, and others of their ilk in mind; more likely pro-choicers, lgbtq people, liberals, progressives, et al. But the link of guns to religion is what is alarming, as some of our commenters have shown by illo. Thanks to Chris Breman and Loren Miller. (I have those illos in my "bloggershots" hard drive folder but it's good to see them again here.)

Is that where I found them? I had no idea.

I collect the damned things. I just hope that when my PC breaks down or gets virus-infected, the guys over at Ace Computer Repair are not fundamentalist Christers.

I wish there was a way people could be organised in the thousands to go there, get a gun, cost them shit loads of money, then dispose of the guns to take them off the streets.

Maybe if the dimwits behind this atrocity got a massive financial hit future events would be discouraged.





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