In the Washington Post  , there is an article declaring that the owner of the Hobby Lobby, is building  a 800 million dollar  museum 2  blocks  from the Mall.....It will be the second largest museum  in DC....It will be the Bible  Museum...promoting  all the fables  in the` Holy Bible'....It seems  the owner was energized by the ruling  which it won on Contraceptive  coverage  for its  employees by SCOTUS, for religious  reasons...It will not  open  until  2017......but construction  has started..........The purpose  is to promote  Theism  which the prospective owner  feels  is under threat.......The museum  will also  be  walking distance  from The Capitol....which  is no accident.....I wonder if the American Humanist  association will react  to this......Any Comments???

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It would be one religious structure among many. Churches, cathedrals, universities, seminaries. Feeling under threat is one of the big pleasures that christians like, a boogeyman type scare-me story. Just one more brick in the wall....
Why would they want to do that? That would actually accomplish something! Probably better they should invest it in prayer or something equally effective.

We need another creationist museum about like we need cancerous anal seepage. The bible does belong in a museum, but as another outdated and impotent load of crap from our ancestors, right beside all the other ancient writings full of superstitions and fairy tails, attracting dust and disbelief that people used to believe that feces.

I wonder if they will have a section explaining the various versions of the bizarre book and the reason for the thousands of xtian cults and all the interpretations that are generated.   And why the rapture hasn't occurred as predicted by various. Quite a comedy section potential.

I'd rather see a Gilgamesh Museum.

I think I agree with Travis Hedgin on this one. The bible itself should be put in a museum.

Imagine a future time when people will wonder about all this money wasted on large buildings and monuments to deities that hold no more fascination than Thor, Ra, or Odin. People will ask themselves what this was all about? Many will have no clue.

I propose that we make a large museum to Batman and Robin, promoting them as real people. I can't do it, however, because I lack the money for the project.


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