Bible Scholar Says Jesus Was Invented by Roman Rulers to Unite Pagans in Effort to Control Them

My brother and I just drove for two days to get from Guadalajara to South Texas and the topic of Gibbon's "Decline and Fall of Rome" came up. He commented that the multi-volume work is required reading at British universities and some Ivy League colleges in the U.S., or used to be.  Gibbon, I'd been told, concludes that the fall of the of the Roman Empire was not caused by decadence, lead in the drinking water, and pagan orgies but by introduction of Christianity.  So it isn't exactly new what one finds in a new book by a Biblical scholar who says Romans were force-fed Christian myth and dogma as the official state religion because the pagan masses were unruly. (Pity the pagani didn't have James Madison to guide them to a separation of church and state, but then Seneca had already blabbed about religion being true to fools, false to the wise, and an aid to rulers.)  I shot the photo in Colima, State of Colima, Mexico, and titled it "Peeling Christ."  The New Civil Rights Movement has the story:

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And recall as well the fact that the O.T. has a Joshua, the one who "fit" the Battle of Jericho. This links "Christ" to the House of David, doesn't it Anthony?


As you know, Joshua is an early form of the name Jesus, both having the same meaning. And while the New Testament tries to show Jesus' descent from David, thus qualifying him as the Messiah, the attempt fails due to the fact that Jesus is descended from David through king Jehoiakim (cf. Jeremiah 22:18-30; 36:30; Matthew 1:11).

nd yeah.. romans xtians.. and lack of alexandria library all failure




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