Here is my friends experience with Bible Camp. And my commentary.

"This has shocked me in a way that I found God has blessed me so much to be normal and the fact that I can walk, talk, and see."

Thank your parents and a doctor. It's all because of them you weren't fucked up.

"Chapel has also changed me because I observed how innocent and pure the disabled are. "

They can be. And they cannot be. Everybody has a choice.

'Whether they are mental or physically disabled, they have the purest of hearts and will praise God with all their heart."

Because God can't heal your disabilities, for they were a gift and not a curse, and he also can't heal amputees. If you want to have a pure heart for as of now you are unworthy and a sinner, disable yourself! 

 "An example of what I thought was astonishing was Julie. Julie went up to the stage and acted so maturely and praised God like she was standing beside Jesus even though she was blind."

So? Oh man, she said a lot of shit and she pulled it out her ass!

" I thought that there was no way that Julie had an IQ of a 12 year old kid as it was stated on the camper’s info form. 
My mom then said that when Julie was outside of worship, she acts and behaves like a 12 year old. As I observed Julie outside of chapel I found this to be true. "

Julie's being taken advantage of. She's just a child who's been indoctrinated.

"She would always say childish things and be very talkative and hyperactive (Always jokingly threatening to whip my mom if she doesn’t behave). Yet, when she was in Chapel, she was serious and acted like a worship leader."

Again, she doesn't know any better.

 "The same applied to Jesse when he prayed. Camp Daniel has changed my perspective of disabled people and has seriously strengthened my faith in Jesus. I hope I can go back to Wisconsin and go to Camp Daniel to serve again."

Serve? Are you his bitch? A soldier? What the fuck dude? Go ahead. Whittle away what you learn in school. Your choice. No body is stopping you.

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