Is there any difference (besides the fact that christians think it's real) between some one who is motivated by the Bible to do good things in the world, and some one who is motivated by a comic book hero to go out and do good deeds in the world?  Or any other work of fiction? 

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I think there is one subtle difference between the two.

Someone who is motivated by god to do good things does so knowing that god has a door prize for them when they reach the pearly gates.

Someone who is motivated by comic book hero to do good things does so to mimic someone they admire.

Case in point, Spiderman: maybe we love Spiderman but in Spiderman's world he is hated. He is feared. But he does what he does anyway because the fact that he has some ability compels him to use it to benefit others despite what they think of him.

There are differences even on a visceral level-
Someone does something bad, beat them up.

Someone does something bad, SCOURGE THE WORLD!
You wrote,
"Superhero: Someone does something bad, beat them up.
God: Someone does something bad, SCOURGE THE WORLD!"

In that sense, the bible God is more realistic, while comics are far more idealistic.
Superhero: Bad guy gets caught and punished. Innocents spared.
God: No assurance that bad guy will be punished, but plenty of innocent people inevitably get hurt.

Perhaps people would prefer some God to be a superhero.
The closest superhero to God would be Batman at his most sociopathic. "Only I know what needs to be done. None can save the world as well as I, and I willl work alone to rid the world of it's vile filth. Even if it involves shattering a couple spines along the way."

Of course, God wouldn't stop at your spine, or even you. Given his track record, your family and friends would burn as well. At least Batman leaves the Joker's mother alone.
the only difference is the cool 80's commercials in those old comics (which I have a few)

not to mention the fact that corporations (made in China stuff) are directly associated with one or many of the bible (whatever religion's) capitalism... and hence after all the land. AKA real-estate. Hello Italy is getting jiggy with Kadafi, what?

America, theocracy free since the revolution!
People admire comic book heroes because they tend to be very idealistic, courageous, strong, and mostly do good for the sake of doing good. These are traits most people want to have themselves, so they might try to be more like those heroes either out of admiration or to better themselves. But people who model their morals after biblical morals do so either because they believe God will smite them and condemn them to eternal torture if they don't do what he says, or they expect a big spiffy reward in the afterlife.( So basically, either out of fear or the expectation of reward). I think thats a huge difference. I mean, when was the last time a Green Lantern fanboy told you you're going to burn in hell?
But I've never really thought of comics being inspiring, I read them because they're entertaining (another way they differ from the bible).
Well, not a Green Lantern fanboy, but those DC people have told me about my final reward. I will not waiver in my faith! MARVEL FOR LIFE.
*gasp!* Blasphemy! Prepare to be smited! Smote. Smitten? Well, you get the point.

But actually, I like them both.




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