Some local church's here are asking their congregations to hand out bibles instead of candy. 


If you let your children trick or treat what would you do if they received a bible?


How do you think christens would feel if we handed out Atheist pamphlets?

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Yeeeaaahhh, I can't say that's a good idea. I


If I got a bible while trick-or-treating, my first reaction would likely be "WTF o_0"
I have received a little cross before from an old woman, even if they were just plastic and beads, they were all handmade, so I at least appreciated the lady for taking the time to make all of them!

I was just in a church (methodist) parking lot eating lunch, and i spotted their banner for the alternative to halloween. Xtians want to holler about others celebrating during xmas, but not calling it xmas. Well, they are celebrating during halloween, but not calling it halloween. However, they are ripping it off. Notice the banner says "trunk or treat", "costume contest", and they call it "Fall Festival" with an orange banner. They're probably not trying to resemble anything associated with halloween:) 


What's 'trunk or treat'? They throw the kid in a trunk until he or she cries for Jesus to SAVE them?
"Trunk or Treat" is a religious version of Halloween (most often associated with Mormons).  Everyone who wants to hand out candy parks in the designated parking lot with their trunks full of candy.  Then all the kids go from trunk to trunk to get their loot.  That way the holy ones don't have to worry about getting candy from, or giving candy to, any of the "wrong kind" of people.
Thanks Tara...i seriously had never heard about that up here in the Midwest.

That's even worse than kids getting toothbrushes...ha.  They take the fun out of every holiday they meddle with. Kids want candy....give them candy or don't participate!  In the old days, eggs would be tossed at the houses of people like THAT.


I think the kids will do a fine job of handling this. Can you imagine their faces when they are expecting a snickers, and they get a bible? Knowing kids at halloween, they might tear the pages out and spread them all over the yard.
yes we also have been getting flyer to trunk or treat's a the local church's. I know if my kids were to get a bible instead of candy there would be some pretty good fit pitching going Were just going to a regular Halloween party with normal people. I just thought it was a cheep trick and wondered what everyone else thought.
This is where you bring on a long honored tradition of toilet paper and eggs.
lol..I'm sure Jeremy there will be some of that if they insist on going forward with this stupid idea.
When I was 8 or 9 and Trick-or-Treating by my lonesome one afternoon I came across a string of houses on one street/block where no one was home. There was a pattern though that each presumably unattended house had a small pamphlet in the door with a loaf of bread on the cover and seemed to be from some church. While I wasn't a non-believer at that age I thought "how dare this church get in the way of my sweet tooth!". 

Now I realize the selfishness of my thoughts, but they could've at least had the decency to put out a candy bowl.

As for receiving a bible if I went Trick-or-Treating (assuming I'm not with any of my serious Christian friends [ most of them would still find it stupid]) I'd make a comment about finding a better way to tell a 21 year old that he's too old for Trick-or-Treating.
The fundies have been screwing with Halloween this year, creating their own version: "Jesus'ween!"  No, I am NOT kidding and I'm pretty sure that it's been covered in one or more posts here on A|N.  I guess they're getting all scared of Harry Potter or something like.




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