Some local church's here are asking their congregations to hand out bibles instead of candy. 


If you let your children trick or treat what would you do if they received a bible?


How do you think christens would feel if we handed out Atheist pamphlets?

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If you think about it "Jesusween" could be very scary. I can imagine an atheist kid being scared to death of a jesus mask. Wouldn't that confuse the hell out of xtian parents. Young kids screaming bloody murder at the sight of a jesus mask.

What's worse, if you wanted to get the REAL GENUINE Jebus costume, you'd have to get the "Stigmata" option ... OUCH!!!

[Spear of Destiny sold separately]

There are some pretty ghoulish versions of the cruci-fiction.... I remember as a Lutheran seeing a Catholic version with the blood and everything when I was young.  What a shock!  As a Lutheran, our Christ usually just had a slightly pained look on his blood or suffering going on up there.  Maybe a tiny little drop coming from the crown of thorns...tastefully done almost...ha.

Come to think of it, the Mel Gibson portrayal of the ordeal in "The Passion of the Christ" was one of the most bloody on-screen whippings and crucifixions I'd ever bordered on gratuitous violence.  


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