Big list of usual Evangelicals mouthing off about Newton shootings, Defense bill allows discrimination against gays, atheists

Well, there’s Mike Huckabee “We ask ‘Why is there violence in our schools?’ but we systematically remove God from our schools.”

There’s Joel Rosenberg.

There’s the Illinois Family Institute:

There’s Focus on the Family and James Dobson:

There’s Ken Ham (Creation Museum, Ark Encounter, Answers in Genesis Website):

There’s Eric Hovind who tweeted “Are you happy now that the shooter grew up in a school without God?”

There’s American Family Radio host Bryan Fischer who broadcast to thousands of Christian radio stations: “The question’s going to come up, where was God . . . when all of this went down? And here’s the bottom line: God is not gonna go where he’s not wanted.”

There’s Ray Comfort, who blames the “British Invasion” of Dawkins and Hitchens subverting our youth


And a host of the other usual Evangelical suspects. Westboro has been mild by comparison.


In addition, introduced into the House of Representatives is the next Defence Authorisation Act, which includes a section that would allow religious discrimination based on sexual orientation or religious belief. It is un-American and I am offended the Religious Reich of the GOP would consider this.


You know, the usual suspects.

James K, an atheist Aviation Electronics Technician First Class (USN Retired-Disabled)

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So god doesn't go where he's not wanted, eh?  Is that why it hasn't shown up yet in Darfur or why he couldn't be bothered to drop by Banda Aceh or Rwanda about 10 years back or Fukushima not quite two years ago ... or more other places than I can count?  Is the RC church so secretly godless that children continue to be molested without let while the minions of Joe the Rat continue to obfuscate and fail to cooperate with law enforcement?

Or maybe the explanation is somewhat similar.  Maybe the explanation is that these are the products of man and of nature ... and god is out to lunch because it never was in the first place.  Oh, but that CAN'T BE ... can it?

These guys are almost as sick as the actual assassin. 

More so, actually.  The assassin is gone, but these guys just go on and on and on...

As to the legality of such legislation, it's legal to introduce anything you want, subject to court review if a person can actually demonstrate they are hurt by it, after they are hurt.

(Otherwise, such a suit has no standing.)

Active duty and reserve military may not sue the government over military issues by law.

The military is slowly being taken over by Dominionists, who are using the same strategy they used to take over the GOP (start at the bottom, work up). They are now in positions of power in the military.

Likewise in civilian government - that is how the Defense Authorization Act can have such a line in it. (And it was Todd "legitimate rape" Akin that put it there.)

As for gays, as long as the DOMA still stands, they can be discriminated against by the Federal government anyway. As for religious views, there was long an attack on Wicca (when I was a recruiter an executive order came down from GW Bush requiring all reference to Wicca be removed from pages of recruiting manuals and be expunged from military records. I was required to turn over my dog tags, but did not, and was transferred out of recruiting to avoid me getting noisy about the order).

As there is no line-item veto, should the Defense Authorization Act reach Obama's desk, he would either have to sign it into law, or veto the entire bill (thus vetoing the entire Defense budget). The GOP would love to see him veto the defense budget.




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