I remember so many people being so sure he was going to run for president back in the 1980s, but it didn't happen.  Instead, the Democrats had a stream of liberal wussies as their nominees.  I like my liberals to be  of the ass-kicking variety, which Cuomo was in his own way.

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Cuomo was well known to be so devoted to his wife Matilda that he avoided ever having to spend a night away from home. Unlike most politicians at the head of a state, he didn't do junkets or foreign trips by himself.

During the Gary Hart scandal, he was asked—as every politician was being asked at the time— whether he had ever committed adultery. He replied, "I told Matilda this morning that question would be asked at this press conference today and sought her advice on how to answer it." "What did she advise?" asked the reporter? "I don't know," the governor said, "because I couldn't get her to stop laughing." At one fell swoop he gently deflected the question and gave the reporter what he really wanted—a good quote.

My crappy Internet connection won't let me do videos.  Mario Cuomo was a progressive giant, and I hoped that he would run for President in '92 -- I just didn't think that the obscure guy from Arkansas could win.  Perhaps had Cuomo run and won the nomination or diverted progressive support in the primaries away from Clinton (for good reason) we might well have got another 4 years of Reaganism projected thorough GHW Bush.  The US was no more ready for a truly progressive President 22 years ago than we are for a Warren or Sanders today.  Slick Willie may have been the only Democrat capable of taking the general election then, just as Hillary may be in 2016.





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