Have you heard that Bill Nye is planning on debating a congresswoman who is a climate change denier.  Sheesh !  Here we go again.  


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Sounds like Bill Nye is stepping up with evangelizing for science. I was pessimistic about the first debate. Many of the responses to that seemed good. Maybe this one will be good too.

Go get her Bill!

Watched this; Bill did a good job, but Marsha got a couple in and belied her extreme beliefs as being practical and protecting Americans from needless spending when the science isn't concrete and the benefits of changing American public policy will be washed out by the global increases in fossil fuel use. Bill had some spectacular stupefied looks as she said carbon fuels were good for agriculture and that the climate scientists don't all agree what's causing climate change. My favorite was when she downplayed 400ppm of carbon as only .04% of the atmosphere, like its insignificant. Bill corrected her by saying that represents a 30% increase from 30 years ago and nearly double the 250ppm we had 150 years ago.




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