Bill Nye, the science guy, debates Ken Ham, creationist museum CEO

The difference between science and religion in one picture.

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And while we're at it, let us mention:

  • Evidence which has yet to give the slightest hint of its existence.
  • Evidence about WHICH GOD, if not a new god no one has ever known about
  • Evidence which would speak to KNOWLEDGE of a god, as opposed to belief

Meantime, it's rather more than evident that all Ken Ham cares about his his holy book.  Evidence or the lack of it means little or nothing to him if it contradicts that book.

This comic book character known as Ken Ham held desperately onto clouds of superstition while Bill Nye pointed out Earth time scales and how science works. One is rigid and dogmatic in spite of the history of slavery, subjugation of women, exploitation of native people and continental resources. No mention was made of the slaughter of innocents by religions of all sorts. The other questions, explores, identifies problems and seeks ways to empower flourishing. 

It is time for silliness to be replaced by sense. 

A commentary on the Nye - Ham debate:

Terrific cartoon!

That cartoon completely sums up the debate. Ham basically said any evidence was trumped by his book. Where do you go from there?


Haha! Funny!

Excellent cartoon!

A tweet about the debate.

Yeah, and the stupid guy says the facts don't refute his imagination.

This does sum it up.  I have met several Xtian's who often spouted the same thing.  No amount of evidence will sway them.   This is just willful delusion.    With evidence, I would certainly change my stance on the subject, but changing that stance does not equate to offering worship.   Clearly, the God of the Bible does not deserve it as he/she/it is nothing short of a monster.  In my opinion of course.

good debate




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