Today, February 4, 2014, Bill Nye 'The Science Guy' will debate Ken Ham 'Creation Museum' and 'Answers in Genesis.'  The topic is, as one would expect, evolution vs. creationsim. Some are calling this a big mistake - primarily on the part of Bill Nye. 

One author, in Salon, believes this whole show will solve nothing.  His premise is that the science-rejecting, anti-intellectual stance of Ken Ham has nothing to do with the text of the Bible. Rather, it is politically motivated by the American evangelical movement that rejects science as a threat to their belief system. The more scientific discoveries, the less acceptance there is for the miracle stories of the Bible. It is a belief, according to the author, fueled by the streak of egalitarianism found in American historical myths, coupled with the Protestant rejection of the control represented by Catholicism - more political than religious.

Another author, in the Christian Science Monitor, takes a harder view against Nye for participating in this. His premise is that those that follow Ham probably don't have enough intelligence or intellectual acumen to understand evolution in the first place. Therefore, by debating Ham, all Nye is doing is giving a stage for Ham to espouse crackpot ideas to the true believers, and thereby give the credence of legitimacy to his ignorance promoting propaganda.

I can see the point of both of these authors, and each raises legitimate objections. On the other hand, if knowledgeable individuals don't stand up to these crackpots and charlatans, is that then a tacit acceptance of the frauds attempts to drag us back to the time of medieval superstition and witch burnings?

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Thanks for the pointer to Project Steve -- a good tongue-in-cheek rebuttal of "we have a long list of scientists who believe this stuff, so it must be true."

It's damned if you do and damned if you don't. On Infowars.Com, Bill Nye was made to look like an idiot  getting his science all wrong and Ham was declared the winner. I have no doubt that the author lied like hell and whatever errors Nye did make were trivial, nevertheless the followers of Alex Jones will believe Ham won. It's so like these bigots to twist news and present totally fatuous arguments, but unfortunately people like Nye have to keep speaking up or these Tea Party bible fanatics will win by default.  I have to fear for the future when clever liars like these are so successful, however.

As an engineer myself, I am WAY down with the following:

I want to see Ken Ham develop diverticulitis with an abdominal abscess, then refuse treatment because the surgery and medical treatments were all developed by evolution-believing scientists.

If there were any naturally occurring fairness or justice in the world, or if karma actually worked, we might actually see that happen, SB.  As it is, Ham will likely live a long life, relatively unencumbered by disease.  The shame is that I can't even kick the schmuck in the nuts without having to pay for that transgression, and the fact is that Ham isn't worth the inconvenience I'd be subjecting myself to if I did.

About all we can do is keep on keeping on...

Couldn't he at least get a herpes sore on his nose?  Please?

Ken Ham just made a fool out of himself.

I liked the part where Ken Ham is explaining that according to the bible Noah and his family were "master ship builders" and of all the animals taken on board the ark, they were taken in "kinds." This meant that of all the species we have on earth today, only about 7,000 "kinds" would have been taken. (Isn't christian apologetics wonderful?)

Bill Nye points out that if this was true we would be seeing about 11 new species daily showing up on earth today.

That was one of my favorite points from Bill Nye.



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