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Did he really say this? Can you post the video?

Makes no difference. He's said worse, much worse.

The scariest part of this whole business is that he says this stuff ... and still maintains an audience.  That people bother to listen to him, never mind believing what he has to say, is one of the more disconcerting and disappointing facets of this country and its media.

I mean, this is right up there with: "Tide goes in; tide goes out.  You can't explain that."  PUL-LEASE!!!

That is what I meant when I said it did not matter if he actually said what I quoted above since he has said much more insane things.  The last time I looked, the tides were caused by the moon and its fluctuations.  Science can explain anything, but Bill-O goes on attributing them to God.  He is nothing but a mackerel snap halfwit.

See a young Bill O'Reilly actually meltdown...

It not only proves he likes to blame others for his own flubs, but also that he horrible taste in neckties.

People who murder often have disturbed minds and a probability of belief in the supernatural, in my experience.




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