Bill O'Really Claims Monkeys "Proof" That Evolution is Wrong; I Claim O'Reilly is a Buffoon

Actually, I think this "best selling author" and faux historian made the colossal blunder when he uttered the now-familiar statement during a discussion of an atheist's appearance of O'Really's silly ego-fest: "Tide goes out, tide goes in." Yes, because of the moon, you dummy. What is amusing to me is that the movement of the tides is only a theory and that goons like Bill are constantly pointing out that evolution "is only a theory." Fact is, gravity is a theory, yet, unfortunately, no one sees O'Reilly violently thrust from earth into space.

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Bill's problem is simple: he knows what he believes and doesn't want to be bothered with facts.  He wants to hold onto his god like Linus Van Pelt used to hold onto his security blanket.  He can't be bothered to become competent or even somewhat informed about how the world works, because it demands too much of his limited intellect.

He doesn't just want the world kept simple; he wants it kept SIMPLISTIC.

It is sad that anyone in the twenty-first century would be that ignorant, but it becomes tragic because he has a position in which he can influence others to think the same way.

It's questionable whether O'Reilly is an idiot by the standard usage of the word.  Granted, I have no TV, so my exposure to him is scant (and that's one of the main reasons why I don't have a TV).  From what I've seen of the buffoon, he seems to possess near normal intelligence in most of his words and actions, and mainly goes off the rails when he expresses an opinion.  This is not the sole purview of idiots.  Ideologues of a great range of intelligence do it; sometimes because they're cynical, sometimes lazy & non-reflective, and sometimes because they're manipulative.  I suspect that the latter is Bill's forte.  Of course, he's far from a genius (mad or otherwise), and so it's pretty easy for any non-idiot who doesn't need to believe his bullshit to see through it.  It's mind candy -- opinion porn, and others like Jon Stewart do it too.  I just happen to agree most often with what Stewart says, and I don't think that he's an idiot either; nor do I think him a genius because he agrees with me.






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