Bill O'Reilly & Deepak Chopra claim they "kicked Richard Dawkins' ass"

(11/3/11) Hollywood is famous for putting fantasies onscreen but sometimes they get outdone by the claims of television personalities. Check out the video from at left and see if that's not the case here. Conservative commentator Bill O'Reilly, who hosts The O'Reilly Factor on the Fox News network, features a recurring segment called Believers vs Non-Believers. On it last night, he reran parts of an earlier show where he locked horns with famed biologist and atheist, Prof. Richard Dawkins, claiming that Dawkins' new science book for children, The Magic of Reality, was an attempt to "get to the kids and say you're an idiot if you believe in God."


He used that to enlist his current guest, spirituality and alternative medicine promoter, Deepak Chopra, who (like Dawkins had been) was there to promote a book, into a criticism of the absent atheist... not that Chopra was reluctant to chime in.


More, including a video, here.



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I have a better idea ... a straight-up, moderated debate between him and Hitchens or Dawkins or Dennett or Harris ... where he DOESN'T control the format and has to play by the same rules as everyone else.  He would get trashed so fast it would make his head swim ... and it would likely be the ONLY situation under which I would even bother to watch anything that involved him or anyone associated with Faux Noise.
Loren has a good idea. I like it.
Me too. It happens sometimes anyway when Pat gets interviewed on some other network.

You cant explain that!



^ correct! 
I read somewhere that Bill O'Reilly is really a well read nice guy, but is a totally different person on camera. He knows what sells and controversy sells. I noticed that more than half that segment was Dawkins bashing. They didn't offer any evidence or a good argument why no one should believe Dawkins, just bad mouthed him. That works with the religious folk.
Yeah, no one wants the truth anymore, they want to see opinion rudely spouted by other talking heads. I try and stay away from faux news, but will listen to it a bit if I'm in the mood for some comedy or want to scream at someone.


I think you’re right with that observation.  The inter tubes and the proliferation of “information” channels and stations allows us to seek out only those sources that affirm what we already believe. 

Why look for stuff that challenges my bias, or confronts my prejudice??  I’m more comfortable here on A/N, or reading the New Yorker or Nation Magazine. And I’m sure that those who watch Faux News to wallow in the warm comforting glow of the Hannity/O’Really? images feel the same way about those sources of the "truth".

It is little wonder that the U.S. is so divided.  I can’t imagine how it will not get worse.

i had seen that video when they linked in on  i loved how they were sooooo certain that Dawkins was an idiot for saying that America wasn't founded on Christian principles.  "the 10 commandments are in every court house..." argument is their version of "proof".  well then, case closed! 

I have also seen the claim made that Mr. O'Reilly is a sensible person in real life, but plays an angry idiot on television to appeal to his target audience of angry idiots.  I find it hard to believe that anyone who "reasons" in the manner that he does could be truly sensible, unless he does not even believe the points he makes on his program.


I have not seen Mr. Chopra speak publicly.  I read his book Buddha and found it phenomenal.  He seems like an intelligent man.  It disappoints me to see him lumped in with the obnoxious and illogical O'Reilly.


Each time I've seen Mr. O'Reilly babble about Mr. Dawkins, I notice he rarely addresses points which Dawkins has made, or attempt to refute them.  In fact, the grievances O'Reilly produced in his interview with Dawkins were points which Dawkins effectively refutes in The God Delusion, the very book they were discussing!  It makes me doubt that O'Reilly has read The God Delusion and sees Dawkins as a persona which he may aim his self-orchastrated and non-sensical points against atheism toward, making a fool of himself the whole way.




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