Bill O'Reilly Would Be Dangerous If He Weren't Irrelevant

Debating Lincoln Chafee, governor of the State of Rhode Island, O'Reilly recently stated: "Atheists want you to burn the holiday tree."  In a manner of speaking, precisely so.  A cut tree usually perishes.  People in the northern climes who came up with the myths that gave birth to a pine tree (e.g. the cults of Attis and Cybele) probably burned down the tree at some point in the long winter just to warm their hands.  O'Reilly would know nothing of this because he lives in a very small world, the world of O'Reilly.  His TV audience would know nothing of it because statistics show atheists know more about religion than Christians.  O'Reilly really cannot accept that the freedom from religion movement is making more rapid advancements, as more andd more people realize that there is no god but Man. 

What O'Reilly really needs is some Christmassy spiced tea.  Put in a chip of cinnamon stick, a touch of cloves, and some nice pekoe and orange type black tea, adding at the moment it begins to cool a few mikes of d-lysergic acid diethylamide. 

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O'Reilly is dangerous—anyone with his access to a large audience listening to his absurd opinions is able to influence people who lack the skill in critical thinking to analyze what he says. To many of them he is an official of the political community whose word is to be credited with authority. Fox wouldn't put him on unless he was telling the truth, right?

Between O'Reilly, Hannity, and Limbaugh, it's a race to the bottom to see who can get the highest ratings from the lowest intellects. The more the rubes tune in, the more soap, deodorant, cat food and feminine hygiene products they sell. If they thought claiming Jesus had an incestuous relation with his mother would sell air time, they'd be describing it in terms that would make a porn star snap her legs shut.




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