telln' ya... damn shame on whomever's in charge of the bs at

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Leave it to the fundies to push an emotional message to support their BS!

I agree there. I don't really understand the thought process behind that billboard.

If God told you to shoot, would you?

If Abraham had been packin', he would have.

One could just as easily put up a sign with a picture of a religious nut with a gun and say "If God *does* matter to him, do you?"  The difference being, that sign would be true.

Rebuttal to the above sign:                      

                                                 80% of the U.S. prision population are Christian

                                                 2% are Atheist

                                                 Wake up America: Religion is bad for you and your children


SING IT, Bro!!!

All I can say is WOW....just WOW!!

and wtf wtf
bastidges. found that at black atheists of america/ youtube ayanna watson she kicks major

"If parents care more about entertaining god than their kid..."
"If a kid does not matter to the parents wtf god?"

"who's to blame? a. parents b. culture c. education

(the education systems that have been overrun by for-profit business mechanisms banked on by xyz inc. with right-wing CEO's on crack)

yeah what?! screw you answers in your penisis! stop the bs divides and unsavory distractions; maaaaan what a way to start the day; imagine driving by that every day on the way to work; fkn' bs propaganda

> : [

. as if mass media was not bad enough sheesh!




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