telln' ya... damn shame on whomever's in charge of the bs at

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Leave it to the fundies to push an emotional message to support their BS!

I agree there. I don't really understand the thought process behind that billboard.

If God told you to shoot, would you?

One could just as easily put up a sign with a picture of a religious nut with a gun and say "If God *does* matter to him, do you?"  The difference being, that sign would be true.

Rebuttal to the above sign:                      

                                                 80% of the U.S. prision population are Christian

                                                 2% are Atheist

                                                 Wake up America: Religion is bad for you and your children


SING IT, Bro!!!

All I can say is WOW....just WOW!!

and wtf wtf
bastidges. found that at black atheists of america/ youtube ayanna watson she kicks major

"If parents care more about entertaining god than their kid..."
"If a kid does not matter to the parents wtf god?"

"who's to blame? a. parents b. culture c. education

(the education systems that have been overrun by for-profit business mechanisms banked on by xyz inc. with right-wing CEO's on crack)

yeah what?! screw you answers in your penisis! stop the bs divides and unsavory distractions; maaaaan what a way to start the day; imagine driving by that every day on the way to work; fkn' bs propaganda

> : [

. as if mass media was not bad enough sheesh!


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