Bipedal introspective hominid thank you very much.. God a problem with that?

So you're ready, wet and waiting for my life story, well I'll keep it short.. I don't want any of you ladies crying or any females for that matter.

Name be Luis D Angel Francis and I'm a 24 year old Hominid Living currently in Rochester, NY. I was born in "Spanish" Harlem, that's Manhattan(NYC) 1985. I was born to an ignorant Hispanic woman who was 19, very young. No sugar coating, I'll just stay vague.. My life was pretty screwed up.. Growing up in a poor family with a lot of drug use, physical, sexual and mental abuse was the norm. This pushed me far away from my "family" and in a constant state of well "don't be like them" state of mind.

After 8 years of pain things got worse when my brother was born, don't ask just go figure.. when I was about 15 my mother "turned around" instead of being a horrible person she'll be a minister and a horrible person. This made me push away from the idea of God and the concepts of religion. I got a "job" helping at Coney Island sideshow, they became my family and I learned the Human Block, Fire Eating, Mental flossing and other geek/working acts. I started to better myself as well as smoke the gangj which became an important part of how I looked at things.. Eventually my drawing abilities became beyond compare to anyone I knew at the time.

I eventually met people who were very like minded to me then (probably not anymore) and it helped me see life for what it really is, the REAL important things. My interests grew and I began taking on more hobbies then I did before. Going into the sideshow at 15 I was already a Magician then Carnie. Now I started making fangs and modifying teeth using dental acrylic ( which became a great money maker in the city where there's is a large Goth/Vamp/Fetish population. Then I started to tattoo and taught myself on myself how to with tattoos.
I was featured on BME for my Teeth (
and the NY post (as well as BME) for my Luis Guzman portrait (

I was in 2 commercials that I never saw aired but got royalties for and have actually been ask for an autograph to my "humble" surprise. Well enough blowing myself.. up... Things have calmed down a bit from those heavy young days of partying like a rock star and now I kick it peacefully with my lovely girlfriend LaNelle. She happens to be the most awesome hominid I've met in a LONG time.

Well that's pretty much it I tried to keep it short.. My younger years would have probably been the most painful so you just get to hear me brag XD

You can catch me on Myspace (this is my personal and on Youtube under DistortedSmiles as well (

Ok that's pretty much it.. now worship me like I was Jesus Rodriguez Christo!

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Welcome Luis! That Luis Guzman tat is good! Have you ever run into Sideshow Bennie?
Damn dude, your acrylic work freaking rocks.
With all the tongue rings in that same scene, I imagine you get to fix a lot of chips too. Nothing chips your teeth up like a post. (Learned that the hard way)

Bennie's a hoot. I don't think he makes it out of the south very often, but he really ought to make it to Coney Island.

Are you doing mail-order fangs in Rochester?
Believe it or not, I've only seen sideshows online, other than that film "Freaks". I was curious about fang shipping for future reference.

This is the first time I've heard of something getting kicked out of school because their mother threatened the principal. That's certainly a new twist.




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