Birth control and family planning critical to the survival of life as we know it.

This is a 2012 video and pertinent today as then. The church has committed a massive crime against the Earth by insisting on increasing population and denying access to birth control and family planning. The popes and the church in general do not understand exponential growth and we are seeing it all around us. Why are fundamentalist religions not getting on the bandwagon against over-population? Oh I forgot, they put their faith in the word of god and impede critical thought.

God is a fraud and needs to be named by its real nature.

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The fundy religionists seem to think that the earth still "needs to be replenished." To them it means we just need to keep putting more and more people on it. Nothing is logical to them. "God said it."

Take their belief in "hell." For the well studied apologist "hell" is in the center of the earth. How many people are going there and how long have we had people living on our earth? When will it be understood that before long "hell" will be full and we have to move it to another planet or another dimension? This is but another reason to believe Usher and think we have only been here about 6000 years. Ancient dino skeletons were either put here by god to "test our faith" OR they were put here by the devil to "fool us." There is no "creation science." It's all creation idiocy!

The only logical conclusion here is like you have said, Joan. Birth control and family planning is critical to the survival of life as we know it. To believe otherwise is worse than just being dumb!

The fundy religionists---whether Catholic or Muslim or whatever else that is fundy---are extremely selfish. 

Their objective is to to increase their own numbers, hoping long-term for world domination. 

I think narcissism is key to promotion of religions.

Religions face(d) selective pressure, competing for brain space in human hosts. A religion that teaches and encourages "be fruitful and multiply" and "make lots and lots of babies" (who will usually grow up to raise their own kids in the same religion) will itself be better adapted to survive and spread to ever more hosts.

A successful religion doesn't need to "care" about the well-being of its hosts any more than a biological virus does.

(btw, I haven't read The Religion Virus; just borrowing its cover art.)


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