It is hard to believe this is real.

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Oh, it's real, all right.

Religious conservatives have been spreading various kinds of misinformation about oral contraceptives for many years. They have also spent close to a decade convincing as many pharmacists as they can to refuse to dispense the pill or emergency contraception either on "conscience" grounds.

One of those for the guillotine list if ever I came to power! Mua ha ha ha ha ha


With the several billion humans on this planet, ANY ACTION that increases our numbers further is inherently evil. She is the one contributing to the destruction of society through her assumption that all human females have the right and obligation to reproduce!


Patriarchy and religion have created this idea that reproduction is a right, POUACH!

In a great many mammal societies, NOT all females reproduce, as NOT all males reproduce. But our patriarchal dominated society needs every single male to enslave a female onto himself in order to feel fulfilled and make sure his sperm gets an equal opportunity! (read happiness statistics about who marriage makes most happy: males, who makes marriage makes least happy: females)


Reproduction is NOT a right, it is something that only the strongest (mentally and physically) and most able should do.


read happiness statistics about who marriage makes most happy: males, who makes marriage makes least happy: females

Not surprisingly, I couldn't find any such statistics supporting your claim.  Though I did find this recent study refutting it:
"It has been found that marriage goes hand in hand with higher happiness levels in a large number of studies for different countries and time periods (e.g., Diener et al., 2000; Stack and Eshleman, 1998, see also Coombs, 1991 and Myers, 1999 for surveys). Married persons report greater subjective well-being than persons who have never been married or have been divorced, separated or widowed. Married women are happier than unmarried women, and married men are happier than unmarried men. Married women and married men report similar levels of subjective well-being, which means that marriage does not benefit one gender more than the other."

The closest support for your statement I could find was this reference to Grove's study in 1983 ( "A common conclusion also asserts that these benefits are larger for men than for women", which of course does NOT imply that marriage makes females "least happy", as your distortion implies.  In fact, unmarried women were less happy than married women.  The paper notes that marriage correlated with significantly lower rates of depression among women.

Patriarchy and religion have created this idea that reproduction is a right, POUACH!
Reproduction IS a right, a fundamental human right, and it has nothing to do with religion, or your imagined "patriarchy" (once again, TNT's knee-jerk, one-size-fits-all, absolve-women-of-any-responsibility answer for everything).
Reproductive rights stem from biology, and practicality, and not insignificantly from the fact that attempts to limit reproductive rights have, in the past, been pretty damn despicable.  I certainly hope you are not advocating that women undergo forced abortions, as is practiced in China?
Your lack of understanding of biological functions is very sad.
Your lack of respect for Human Rights is very disturbing.
Reproduction is a right.  You just don't have to exercise it.  The fact that the "wrong" people do exercise it doesn't mean they don't have the right.

Reminds me of when I got my tubal ligation in 1992.  The consent form had a space for the husband's signature, and I would bet there was never a line on a consent for vasectomy for the wife to have to give her consent.  

Did anyone else notice that this lady only seems to want reproduction in wealthy countries, and blames birth control for the economic problems.  If we would just have more babies in the non-third world countries, everything would be better...

I knew what you were going to write when I read the first sentence.  How awful. 

Third world babies is what runs our western economies' cheap labour :)

She is even dumber to not realise that... in our world, having lots of cheap babies is essential, so in a real twisted kind of way, she is partially right, the more cheap labour our corporate goons require, the more we'll import cheap labour, because us westernised women are freeing ourselves from the joug of procreation at all costs... well, ... some of us.


In that sick twisted way... if we made more babies, we'd need less immigrants, and our culture would be "safe" from all the outsiders.

Do yall just love the part where she says the planned parenthood lady brainwashed everyone?  It's great when a religious nut talks about brainwashing. 


This topic has really gotten me ruffled.  Those nuts can't stand the thought of a woman enjoying sex and/or having sex without the chance of getting pregnant.  It's sick.

The "be fruitful and multiply, and multiply, and multiply" meme (and its corollary, "sex should be procreative") served to increase a tribe/religion's "market share" in the ancient world when it seemed our planet could support a limitless population. Now it's maladaptive, with overpopulation and global climate destabilization. Memes don't "care" about the survival of their hosts.
I think it had to do more with the horrible infant mortality rate than a tribes attempting to out-compete one another on population. Which is why the population rate has skyrocketed in the last 100 years as infant mortality rates dropped faster than cultural traditions adapted.




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