This has nothing to do with atheism, but I have a small question that came to mind after seeing it on CNN.

What are birthers going on about and why?

I understand that it is a rule that only naturalized citizens can become president and so Schwarztneger couldn't run without a change to our constitution.

However as I understand it, a child born to American parents in a foreign country is a citizen of both countries. So even if he were born in Kenya (which doesn't seem at all likely) then wouldn't be still a naturalized citizen.

I just wikied birthers, where I read that an alternative theory of theirs is that he lost his citizenship when his family moved to Indonesia. I am not as sure how the rules on that work, but I suspect our citizenship rules on that would also be just as inclusive where he being but a minor would not have lost his American citizenship in that case either.

Idk. And I figured as plenty of people here are Obama supporters yall would appreciate the opportunity to bash birthers.

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"Only if the child is born on a military base."

That would explain their actions, but I am unable to find that restriction stated anywhere. Instead I keep reading that a child born to American citizens in a foreign country achieves dual citizenship in almost all circumstances. Exceptions involve if the child is born out of wedlock or if the parents somehow have not made it to America.

The issue involving Indonesia is a bit more unclear but still I don't see that he would have lost his American citizenship. As I understand that, the only way he would have lost his citizenship that way would be if he renounced his American cizenship. As he was a minor he would have been unable to do that.
It is ironic that John McCain was born in Panama.  On a military base, so he is a US citizen, of course.  Or was he - did he have a birth certificate?  While Obama was born in the US, and evil clowns claim he's Kenyan. 
White people don't need to prove their citizenship, you silly man.

Oh right.  What was I thinking?

I hear that some are questioning weather McCain was in fact born on a military base.

I often wondered if he was even born on Earth.  However, after watching "V", I think the lizard people have more expressive faces than McCain. 


Yeah but his resemblance to a chipmunk is also does he do it? More like a shape-shifter if you ask me.

Not that it really matters in any important way, but I did not know that about McCain. Thanx.

The ridiculous part of the whole thing is that he's already shown copies of his birth certificate.

Yeah. Not only that but also the local paper had a notice of his birth. I had said something at some point about finding birthers evidence lacking.

My point tho is that it is just as ridiculousnes from the other direction as I understand the law. Even if there were a Kenyan birth certificate, wouldn't he still be an American citizen due to one of his parents being American. I always understood that both his birth parents were American. I have heard various things about one of them being Moslem and one being atheist, but I have have heard nothing but that his patents were both American citizens.

If my American wife and I go abroad even to Kenya and have a baby, I have always understood the child to be an American as well.

The newspaper ad--do these people think that Obama's family had been planning this for decades and rand a fake newspaper ad?


It's all been proven bullshit, but since when has factual information stopped anyone from believing in conspiracy theories?

Not just Senator but, State Senator.  He was a Senator in the Illinois Senate.




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