This has nothing to do with atheism, but I have a small question that came to mind after seeing it on CNN.

What are birthers going on about and why?

I understand that it is a rule that only naturalized citizens can become president and so Schwarztneger couldn't run without a change to our constitution.

However as I understand it, a child born to American parents in a foreign country is a citizen of both countries. So even if he were born in Kenya (which doesn't seem at all likely) then wouldn't be still a naturalized citizen.

I just wikied birthers, where I read that an alternative theory of theirs is that he lost his citizenship when his family moved to Indonesia. I am not as sure how the rules on that work, but I suspect our citizenship rules on that would also be just as inclusive where he being but a minor would not have lost his American citizenship in that case either.

Idk. And I figured as plenty of people here are Obama supporters yall would appreciate the opportunity to bash birthers.

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A state senator only works at a state capitol whereas as a nation Senator works in the nation's capitol (Washington D.C.).  In Obama's case he dealt with issues only pertaining to Illinois in Illinois' capital (Springfield).  We have  local, state,and a national governments.
I was living in Illinois at the time and Obama was elected as the senator from Illinois to serve in the national congress before he ran for president.
So was I.  I obviously forgot that he made it to US Senator.
Obama hadn't been working in Washington but for a couple or few years before becoming President. Previous to that he had been working in the state capital of Illinois, Springfield maybe. He came into the national spotlight when he gave the keynote address at a democratic convention for a previous Democratic presidential nominee, Kerry, I think.

Clinton was favored in the same way, during what I have to figure was Dukakis' convention. And whoever is tapped to give it in 2012 will probably be the heir apparent for the Dems in 2016.

For the Dems anyway, this has come to be a quite strong tendency. So much so,in fact, that when Obama gave it, the conventional wisdom, at the time, was that Obama surely wouldn't run as, at the time, he was only a state representative and it was figured that it would be too much of a leap for him to go thru in too short a time.

That has been shown to be wrong obviously. And I think this has occurred more than just those two times. It is just that those are the only two instances I can bring to mind.
I've lived in the South my entire life (Texas) and live and work with conservatives and Christians. Not once have I heard a single complaint about Obama being black. If I hear of hate for Obama, it's policy-centered - not race. Are there racists who despise Obama because of his race? Sure! But they are not pervasive.

As for the birthers - lots of people I know don't think he was born in the USA, but no one gets very uptight about it. If it's discussed, most will add "not that it really matters anyway." As I said, more folks are perturbed over his policies than his race or birthplace. Just because someone believes Obama isn't a true citizen doesn't mean they are foaming-at-the-mouth birthers. Most realize it's merely a mysterious, interesting sideshow to an administration they disagree with.
I have never been a big fan of Obama, so that is entirly understandable that people would be opposed to him and his positions politically. I find the timing of the tea party's anti big government stance at least a bit convenient, but it is fathomable anyway. I agree with plenty of their positions. Maybe it is just a coincidence that the spark finally lit the powderkeg just as a black man became president.

Birthers tho, seem to make absolutely no since at all. I have been hoping someone could provide some explanation for something, but no. There seems to be as much evidence as with any candidate that he was born in America, but birthers won't believe it. And, more along the actual directions of this thread, so far, I have come acrossed zero evidence that it would matter in the least anyway, as he still would have been eligible to run for president anyway, even if his birth certificate said he was born in Kenya, as his parents are American citizens. Yet birthers accuse Obama of somehow cheating on the eligibility requirements.

Sorry, but I am unable to see any of the birthers ideas as anything but a complete nonstarter.
Racism, subconscious or not, and/or gross stupidity. Any blend you like. Policies? What do teabaggers know about policies? They "know" what a blowhard, taking his/her money from corporate interests, tells them to get them excited enough to vote against their own best interests.

We must live in different areas of the south, as I have heard many complain about his race. Just the other day a client was spouting racism and birther nonsense about Obama. He seemed to think he was being cute and clever.

My husband, unfortunately, has been receiving some emails from a group of them; if I can get him to forward some of them to me I may post some of the obvious racist remarks.

I think my brain exploded trying to understand that.

Well, President Obama released the uncensored long form of his birth certificate today, so hopefully that will put an end to this stupidity. 


As I understand it, since Obama's mother was a US citizen, he would be a US citizen even if he had been born in Kenya.  However, to be President, you must not only be a US citizen, but a natural-born US citizen, meaning that you must have been born in the US to be eligible to become President. 


Had McCain been elected, it is possible that there would have been a legal challenge to his eligibility, since he was born on a US military base in Panama. 

Actually, the rules allow for McCain to be considered a natural born citizen because he was born on US soil.  In his case, a US base.  I have heard that some question whether he wasn't born in a Panamanian hospital across the street, which would have rendered him ineligible.
Good thing we didn't elect him then!  I would hate for someone to discover that the US president isn't really American.  Let's see.  (1).  McCain is president.  (2)  McCain is not president.  (3).  Who would take his place?




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