This has nothing to do with atheism, but I have a small question that came to mind after seeing it on CNN.

What are birthers going on about and why?

I understand that it is a rule that only naturalized citizens can become president and so Schwarztneger couldn't run without a change to our constitution.

However as I understand it, a child born to American parents in a foreign country is a citizen of both countries. So even if he were born in Kenya (which doesn't seem at all likely) then wouldn't be still a naturalized citizen.

I just wikied birthers, where I read that an alternative theory of theirs is that he lost his citizenship when his family moved to Indonesia. I am not as sure how the rules on that work, but I suspect our citizenship rules on that would also be just as inclusive where he being but a minor would not have lost his American citizenship in that case either.

Idk. And I figured as plenty of people here are Obama supporters yall would appreciate the opportunity to bash birthers.

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Well, President Obama released the uncensored long form of his birth certificate today, so hopefully that will put an end to this stupidity. 


As I understand it, since Obama's mother was a US citizen, he would be a US citizen even if he had been born in Kenya.  However, to be President, you must not only be a US citizen, but a natural-born US citizen, meaning that you must have been born in the US to be eligible to become President. 


Had McCain been elected, it is possible that there would have been a legal challenge to his eligibility, since he was born on a US military base in Panama. 

Actually, the rules allow for McCain to be considered a natural born citizen because he was born on US soil.  In his case, a US base.  I have heard that some question whether he wasn't born in a Panamanian hospital across the street, which would have rendered him ineligible.
Good thing we didn't elect him then!  I would hate for someone to discover that the US president isn't really American.  Let's see.  (1).  McCain is president.  (2)  McCain is not president.  (3).  Who would take his place?
How about we demand to see Bush's high school diploma?
I refuse to acknowledge Donald Trump is a US citizen until he provides me with a copy of his checking account number.  :)

This articlebasically states that birthists are stealth racists.  I think in Trumps case, since Trump doesn't actually have any policies, experience, or background, all he can do is try to find ways to cut down Obama.  Trump doesn't actually know what Obama does, so he tries to undercut Obama's legitimacy.  First by pretending to be a birthist.  When that is exposed as so much hooey and a waste of time, he's already moved on to suggesting evil intent in Obama's school records.


These diversions are more likely attempts to derail substance and merit.  It doesn't matter if Obama was a good student early on.  He did show incredible skill at organizing people who were never involved in politics, into a powerful poltical movement that led to his becoming president.


I admit I thought Bush's getting out of danger in Vietnam by riding Daddy's congressional coattails into a drink & party time in the Guard was a sign of poor character.  If he later said "Yes, I was a hell raiser and was fortunate to be born into a rich and powerful family, and made the best of it.  Now HERE is what I've done that proves I became a man of character who can lead America" it would have meant something to me.  Unfortunately, he stuck to daddy's coattails into his presidency and never  id anything to demonstrate character.

it seems likely that trump is actually a democrat.  What he is doing now could be separating the more radical republicans from the base, splitting their votes and cutting the repugnicans in half.  He has a long history of being socially progressive and donating the majority of the time to democrats.  Given that, and the fact that "what does he care what people think, he's fucking Trump?!" this could end up being just an elaborate ploy.

Bob Schieffer of CBS News threw it down the other day regarding both the birther question and the Donald's obsession with it ... and I can't say I was horribly surprised to see Bob hit the nail squarely on the head:



Enow spake.

Somebody's got to have some spine. It's one of the older guys with a vestige of professional journalistic ethics.

It's not the first time he's taken off the kid gloves, either.  One of his end-of-broadcast op-ed pieces on Face the Nation dealt with the whole catholic church child abuse business, and he very calmly and politely drilled them through their collective heads on it.

Bob may seem to be soft-spoken, but the man has a formidable BITE on him!

There's still a purpose in the world for old guys.  Cool!
It may be that we've got less to lose.


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