Its been funny and ironic to me over the last few days to see the Trump voters, a lot of them Birthers in my circles, tell the left they need to accept Trump and give him a chance. Not that every reaction to this election has been justified, but don't they see the irony?

We've heard so many attempts from Republicans and Tea Party to reject President Obama. He wasn't born in America. He's a Muslim. He's working with ISIS. He's going to take our guns away. He wants to instate sharia law. I've been stewing with this for a few days, but have resisted the urge to comment on Facebook posts by Trump supporters. I did just share this meme, which does demonstrate a similar point.I think if these same folks want the rest of us to have an open mind, they should do the same. Admit their attempts to delegitimize Obama and apologize, while asking for our consideration. At this moment, I am not optimistic that this will happen, or even be considered by most, so I don't foresee any real attempts and unity in the next four years.

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My guess - most of them wouldn't even see the irony.

Kelly, the problem is with the concept of an open mind. They don't have one, nor are they concerned about any such thing. All they have is their blind belief in a man they don't really know. All they know is that he feels right to them, so they haven't really bothered to look past the surface.

The problem here is very much like the problem with religion. Belief is easy. Knowing and understanding is much harder.

Of course not! They're right! And if they're doubted, if they find themselves treated merely equally to others rather than privileged, or if they even find themselves genuinely persecuted, that's just another sign that they're right!

(But none of that applies to the obviously false religions that billions of people believe in with equal fervor!)


I grew up with a Jewish mother who, fortunately, didn't do the stereotypical guilt thing. She was very confident in her beliefs and opinions, and boy would she let you know if you pleased or disappointed her. (And, btw, I respect her for not having tried to turn me theistic or not.) And yes, eating well was required, even if you just met her! :-)

True believers can't afford to look at things from different angles.  It might change their minds.  [HORRORS!!!]

Our brains don't value truth so much as consistency. Religious and other groups are masters of creating cognitive dissonance and then exploiting it, "resolving" it in the group's favor. I think we'll see a lot of this with tRump.

More at 'bending truth, or "We Can All Be Manipulated" (TheraminTrees)'

The funny thing with Obama and guns is that I never saw any attempts in those 8 years to take them away. People made the remarks anyway. If you called them on it they replied "he would like to take your guns away if he could."

My take on Obama gun control and Trump being newly elected right now is much like it is with religion. People hear the facts and then just believe what they want to. They make stuff up.

As a liberal, I was disgusted by the behavior of the "conservatives" over the past eight years.  Now that the shoe is on the other foot, it's tempting to behave as they did.

But that's not what I choose to do.

I'm hoping we make efforts to work with them.  If it succeeds, great.  If they block our efforts, that needs to be made clear to the public.  

We need to keep records, with video, of all Republican refusals to cooperate and use that in 2018.

I hope we don't become total obstructionists.  We need to have, and offer, a positive program.

It's true, we should do as Michelle Obama said, "When they go low, we go high." It's really hard to do without wanting to point fingers at the last 8 years. We have to swallow the tough pill of the election results and try to move on together.

I think Trump will end up disappointing some if not many of his supporters, his mountain of promises are mostly difficult if not illegal to keep. I'm sure part of his strategy was to come out strong, then pull back and win over some of us skeptics. He has said this is how he approached negotiations in the past. While I really hope this will be the result of his presidency, but I don't appreciate his nasty and idiotic behavior.


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