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i'm not sure if this is a new term, but i came across this blog recently and i must say that i like it.  the concept of being a Blowjob Survivor is one that changes the perspective of contraception and abortion.  i'm sure you've heard the argument, which goes something like this:


"if your father wore a condom then you wouldn't be alive today."


ah, but what if my Mom decided to give him head that night instead?  or what if they decided to have anal sex, or if my father pulled out and shot his seed instead?  we are, every single one of us, a Blowjob Survivor!


despite being a bit off setting to think about, this argument completely destroys one of the pro-lifers, or anti-contraception's leading argument. 


the fact that we are all a product of random chance is very disturbing to the Believer.  it's entirely probable that if the act of sex that produced you lasted just a minute or two longer than the "you" that exists very well may not.  how troubling to think that we are all so close to having never come into this world at all??  to an Atheist, probably not so troubling at all.  before we came (pun somewhat intended) into being there was nothingness.  the same nothingness that will exist after we've left this mortal coil.  the same nothingness that would have existed had we not been so very fortunate to have been given life. 


personally, i celebrate this fortuitous gift, much as i celebrate the good fortune to have been raised in a non-poverty ridden country.  we are all a lucky bounce away from existing in a much worse state, or not existing at all.  recognizing this, we should be compelled to have empathy, and to help others who are less fortunate.  we should focus on those who have actually entered this world in dire circumstances, not worrying about those who someday may or may not be born. 

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Every sperm is sacred. Every sperm is great. If a sperm is wasted, God gets quite irate...

Ah Melinda, I think you are quite special. In a good way. Your friend, Matthew.
I was a Highlander Sperm, cause "there can be only one".




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