Why is it that black men has to shave off all of his facial hair, and the hair on top of his head to get a job in most segments of the American job market, especially in the film industry? Yet, most of the white men I see out there, always try to stick their hair up in the air with moose, to imitate black people's beautiful nappy hair. Just a thought, any takers?

         PS. I do have more qustions along racial lines, but I will get to them later. Religion sucks!!!

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Luara,when it comes to religion,any religion,especially the Christian,Muslim and Zionists religion, I refuse to accept and respect any of them. I don't need to belong to a group that bad, that I have to compromise my status as a "human being" just to feel that I belong.

     It's all a bunch of bull shit, thinking that black people need a bunch a sorry ass brainwashed religious negro punk ass preachers and pastors to lead them... which is always over the cliff towards self loathe, self hate and to acknowledge the acceptance of black people being the inferior race and whites as God's chosen.

As far as this Jesus character is concerned: I don't believe in jesus...period! I don't believe that there ever was such a man. Not white, not black, not middle Eastern. It's all nonsense as far as I am concerned.  

Religion is the reason why black people are permanently stuck in reverse. We have been tricked into believing that some slave master white man jesus hiding away up in the clouds is coming back to earth to save us from ourselves, which is total BS nonsense. 

By the way, are you black or Caucasian? What ever or whomever you may be, check this: Christianity,Islam or Zionism isn't, and never was a good thing for black people..never!. All it did and still does, is keep black people in a perpetual state of bondage, self hate and mired in   subhuman inferior slave minded misery.

 You have got to be joking about all of this "religion was able to bring black people together" thing that you are so giddily espousing. Be gone with that nonsensical banter.

I saw a comedian joke once about how a white man who is going bald will take the last hair he has and swirl it all the way around his head. Black men just go ahead and shave it. I thought that was quite funny and seemingly true. As for being marginalized due to one's natural hair, you are totally right, this is something people should be very against. I am caucasian and female, but a friend of mine (black female) has natural hair, and I think it looks better and far more beautiful than fake straightened hair, imho. Most white females could do without the bleach as well.

As for employers, I think the "fro" is associated with being a liberal or a freethinker, and this is one reason for discrimination, in my opinion.

You got that right Emily...regards,

Ok luara, you dug this one up to prove your point, which to me is Ok, but, it's an Autobiographically based or modeled movie which I have seen a good portion of. So, the characters are supposed to closely resemble the real people depicted from the true life experience, with nappy hair and all.

That being said, This movie is one of thousands of recent feature films that dares to show black men with unimpeded full grown natural hair,..la-de-da. Thanks for trying though. 

You still haven't answered my question concerning your post about...to para - phase: " religion and jesus was, and is a good thing for black people to embrace, to be able to assemble under one umbrella, communicate,feel wanted and able to relate." I find your thinking on this matter relating to the black experience downright disturbing to say the least.

Hey Mindy, I appreciate your honesty as far as not trying to evade or deflect from the subject matter regarding the visual demands on the black race, especially black men. It's not that you personally are at fault because you are not, but, the Euro dominated designed and controlled power structure, consistently -  none stop, create hell on wheels for the colored or black man, from the cradle to the grave. Then turn right around and deny the obvious, and still somehow continue to blame the victim for being the victim... best of luck to you.

Mindy, I hope we are able to communicate on other topics in the future. Big up de love and.stay tuned.




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