Why is it that black men has to shave off all of his facial hair, and the hair on top of his head to get a job in most segments of the American job market, especially in the film industry? Yet, most of the white men I see out there, always try to stick their hair up in the air with mousse, to imitate black people's beautiful nappy hair. Just a thought, any takers?

PS. Sorry but I did spell Mousse wrong so I corrected my mistake...my bad after so many years but I'm still here and I'm glad that Atheist Nexus is still going strong in 2019. Big up to all you "Free Thinking Humanists."

         PS. I do have more questions along racial lines, but I will get to them later. Religion sucks!!!

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The Native American men of my father's generation (1910s-1970s) almost all had buzz-cut hair, though their parents and children generally did not (well, some of them did in middle age until they gave up trying to make an impression).  Some encouraged facial hair, but few could grow a good crop.  I was 'lucky' in that regard -- the first (and so far last) in 4 generations to come out looking like a proper hairy Scotsman.  Hair length is for Native Americans a marker of racial and cultural identity, probably much as beard length is to certain Muslims.  If you look at clean-shaven Muslim men they seem generally to be making a statement of secularity, perhaps feigned for political purposes.

Back when I had long hair and was clean shaven I'd get pulled over on the outskirts of Indian reservations for suspicion of DWI (Driving While Indian) because I and my car fit the profile of the undesirable element for those sworn to protect and serve.  As often as not, the cop (with his buzz cut) was more 'Indian' than me.

We pattern sensing monkeys look especially for patterns that divide us -- that provide easy markers for in-group / out-group antipathy.  I can see how a black man might choose to shave his face & head to remove that racial distinction, much as Dad and his brothers all got buzz cuts.  I can also see how someone would grow an Afro just as my cousins and I grew long hair as a way to say, 'fuck 'em, this is who we are'.  And I see how it made those of other groups fear us.


I agree with just about all of what you have stated Ted. I tend to love my black/grey natural nappy hair and make no bones about it. I don't give a horse's ass who thinks what. I take pride in letting it be known in so many ways. But, no crosses (shackles around my neck) please.

When I was in the Army a lot of black men did not have facial hair and they faked shaving by not having a blade in the razor. Sargents checked on this regularly and made them put a blade in the razor if they got caught. By the end of basic training most of these black men did have facial hair.

I am glad for that but,I am speaking mostly about average length natural black nappy hair on top of the head and sometimes mustaches,even when it's well groomed in some cases, it's frowned upon by the white power establishment and despised by society on the whole, because of negative press by the media and traditional stereotypical condemnation.  

In Japan, gangsters used to get "punch perms" to emulate black hair.  (I guess they thought it made them look tougher.  Or maybe they thought they'd be able to transfer all the fear of black men to themselves?)  I get what you're saying about the condemnation.  Because of it being looked down on, it's also become a statement of rebellion to have that hairstyle.

I guess I love to rebel. It's a huge part of my MO..

We should all have facial hair no matter skin color. facial hair always goes good with your pirate regalia. argh

I once had a dream where I was a pirate lass.  And I grew a really long beard, which I put shrapnel in and used to whip people to death.  With my beard, yes.  I got to dual-wield because I had a cutlass in the other hand.

You may well be right that there is a racial aspect to wanting black men who are public figures to be clean-shaven or have very short hair on their heads -

BUT, you are talking about public figures.  There are a LOT of constraints on what those people can do with their appearance.  Their appearance is carefully chosen, probably to be acceptable to a wide range of people. 

I used to wear my hair in braids.  I don't think a woman who is a public figure could do this.  Nothing wrong about wearing your hair in braids - just like you were asking "why can't Michelle Obama wear her hair in neat cornrows?"  But it wouldn't be done. 

A US President's wife probably also couldn't wear her hair long.  I've always seen these women with short, and carefully made-up hair. 

Actors in films have to do a great deal to modify their appearance.  They might have to gain 50 pounds for a film role, etc.  That's part of the job.  It's like the ultimately conformist job. 

What is expected of people who aren't public figures, is more relevant to people like you and me.  Again, it seems likely that a black man or woman with an afro would discriminated against - at least in some places, and in some kinds of work.  You haven't shown evidence of it, but I know there is racial discrimination and perhaps it applies more to black people with Afros. 

What I do question is the idea, which I've often seen on A/N, that religion is a specifically racial oppression for black people.  Many black people would totally disagree, and find the black church to be a supportive place where people help each other, that it brings people together. There have been black civil rights leaders who were preachers. 

Of course, that makes it hard for black atheists.  I can see that. 

But what I don't see is the idea that religion - specifically Christianity - is teaching black people to be subservient, or to accept things that they should not accept.  What would you want those Christian black people to do differently, that they might change if they weren't religious? 

Is it just that Jesus and the apostles and the various biblical figures, weren't black?  They weren't Caucasian either, I think.  They would have been Middle Eastern of some kind.  Although they are commonly represented as Caucasian in art. 

How about black Muslims?  This is a religion that was adopted by some black people, apparently trying to find a religion they felt wasn't oppressive.  I don't know how it would be less oppressive, though - it sounds if anything, more oppressive than Christianity. 

If Christianity brings black and white people together in the churches, maybe it makes it easier for them to get along at a job.  There is a big emphasis on teamwork in corporate jobs, they always want to know if you're a "team player".   I don't know to what extent this happens in churches though. 

All religions teach people to be subservient, and to accept things that they should not accept.  Religious institutions are all about keeping power in the hands of the divinely ordained.  Concepts such as heaven and rebirth are all there to keep the poor man down, to keep him grudgingly reassured that his suffering is a "test" or has "meaning", to make him look the other way when the preacher rolls down the street in a Cadillac.

It's not specifically keeping black people down, but I can see how sometimes it will hit them harder because white society has screwed them over so much that many black communities had to develop a reliance on the church's promise of a better afterlife to keep them going.

What the hell are you trying to say? In the bible, it teaches that black people are inferior to white people! It clearly states that it's quite OK to Own, Kill and abuse your slaves. That "BLACK PEOPLE" are cursed because they are from the Ham side of the equation... and lots lots more derogatory ramblings aimed at demoralizing and castigating black people.  Get the hell out of here with your defending this wicked thing called religion. 

   Tell me that you are kidding please...Oh my.




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