Why is it that black men has to shave off all of his facial hair, and the hair on top of his head to get a job in most segments of the American job market, especially in the film industry? Yet, most of the white men I see out there, always try to stick their hair up in the air with moose, to imitate black people's beautiful nappy hair. Just a thought, any takers?

         PS. I do have more qustions along racial lines, but I will get to them later. Religion sucks!!!

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So Mush Doc,

I was wondering why you don't have facial hair yourself then?If your profile pic is you?  Have you tried growing a mustache or beard? 

If you look closer...Luara, you would see that I do have a huge mustache. Also a natural forest growing on top of my head. Now, take a close look on my profile and you would see. I don't have a beard, even though I have no problem growing one as you may suggest the opposite. 

 Anyway, that's not exactly what I'm talking about. You can deny it all you want but if you check out most shows on TV or in the movies that have black men in the lead roles or semi lead roles, you would see that they are mostly encouraged to sport a fifty pound cross around their necks, shave off all of their "facial, body and the hair on top of their heads," and kiss the white mans ass to get the lead roles or any role that would make them visually apparent on the close up screen or in a photo opt... or get the music contract that they try so hard to obtain.

  I do put my money where my mouth is girl.  Have you tried looking closer? I don't think so...lol

I was talking more about beard, than mustache.  Do you think there is prejudice against mustaches for black men?  I wasn't trying to deny anything - there is a lot of prejudice around. It seems that black men tend to have less facial hair than white men, and some of them have a hard time growing a beard - but that doesn't mean that you would. 

I don't have positive or negative associations with mustaches either way - I don't really care if someone has a mustache or not (except a woman :)  Beards can be scruffy-looking, but mustaches aren't. 

So have you thought of growing a beard then - do you want to? 

I saw a black guy in the doctor's office today with a slight beard.  It looked fine.  I probably have seen black guys with beards around - just not big full beards like Walt Whitman. 

I can quote that you said " mustache or beard." Anyway, once in a while I would to have a close cropped beard. Most of the time no. It comes and goes, depends on the mood. The hair on my head and the mustache stays. Don't you mess with that...lol

ps I think white people tend to be hairier and have an easier time growing a beard. 

This doesn't contradict what you were saying about clean-shaven being almost obligatory for black guys in movies etc.  A lot of times, the natural tendency becomes a cultural norm. 

You can see that with women.  Some of us have facial hair, like a slight mustache.  Yet because it isn't common, people would likely discriminate against a woman with a mustache, and women who have facial hair would usually consider it unsightly and get rid of it. 

I don't hanker for a mustache myself :)   I also like to see men's faces, a beard especially a big full beard, hides a lot of a man's face. 

Yes, the average white man do tend to have a much greater percentage of hair all over his body. I think that it's a carry over from his connection to his neanderthal brethren of yore.

I lubbs me mustache so leave it alone...lol

I am not trying to mess with your mustache :)  

I don't tend to notice facial hair very much.  I was looking recently and I did see a lot of black guys with close-cropped beards. 

What would happen if they let it grow?  That is what I haven't seen in person. 

Hey Luara, without trying to sound too condescending: It seems like your posts on the subject seem to contradict themselves. You are messing with my head somewhat. Maybe we can mutually agree to disagree don't you think?

  Methinks so to be frank with you.  Or,we could try and tackle another subject.

All I said is that I must have seen black guys with short beards and mustaches around - but just not noticed it.  I'm not trying to "mess with you" - or with your mustache.  So far as I'm concerned you look fine. 

Things may be changing a bit. I like Nicholas Strong's hairstyle in Under the Dome.

I think that there is a little light at the end of the tunnel, I hope. Yes, I love the do that Nicolas is sporting. Exception to the rule though. Some rap artists do sport dreads but the fifty pound cross around their necks has got to go.




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