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I joined A.N. a few months ago, and hadn't had a chance to "formally" introduce myself! I'm Asia of the meh state of Texas. I've been out of the atheist closet for about 2.5 years now. Raised Baptist, found Jesus, then "accidentally" lost his number, found him again 2 years later hitting on some drunk guy at a party =).


Edit: Just to let y'all know, I'm writing from Hempstead, TX...yee friggin haw xD

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Oh, you are one gutsy woman. A black female atheist in Texas needs to keep a sharp eye over her shoulder! I bet there're lots of white christians who see a black female atheist as just a bit too "uppidy"? Well, just the same its good to have you here in our little enlightened community.
There are less than you think. Just because a white guy is in Texas does not mean he is a bible beating Baptist racist redneck. I would imagine that in my area (north of Houston) there are far less true Texans than there are people from other states anyway so the formula does not apply.

Not trying to flame here but I take offense to the way you worded that I am came here (the forum) to get away from presumptions and hippocracy. Trust that you are not alone in the world, Texas has a lot of very intelligent beings in it. Black Magick Woman would be as welcome into my group of friends here in Texas as she would be anywhere and so would you save the stereotype of my people.
Whoa whoa scott! Put the pitchfork away, lol. I'm sure he knows that there are plenty of white people (christian or not) who would welcome me.

Yes, there are plenty of those wonderful, intelligent people around (just not in my town), but don't forget....it's still the bible belt, let's not be too optimistic, it goes against what I stand for. =)
Pitchfork? Ha ha...here we go again. You would be surprised at who believes just because social pressure. Look around...how many people who profess to be Christian don't go to Church. "I worship in my own way at my own home" is another way of saying, "It's not worth my time". I have several neighbors who profess to be devout Christians but I can go out in the front yard right now and they are all at home still (it's Easter Sunday). I know it seems that this is the Bible belt but most of my friends are not particularly religious and know where I am on the subject but have nothing to say about it. Sometimes I get someone who tries to beat me over the head with it but for the most part they are a dying breed. Of course...I am in a suburb of a major city. The belt tends to miss the major population areas.
I can't imagine Hempstead, but I must insist, I live in a strange utopia here in College Station. I've been here for 19 years, and I still love it. Maybe I enjoy being a big atheist fish in a little pond. But Hempstead is more of a puddle. Not much room to swim.
Yeah, Hempstead I liken to the shallow end of the gene pool...I dunno if I'd wanna be in Caucasian Station either though lol.
Well, I do know that Houston elected an openly gay person for mayor, so that's a good sign. Yeah, I shudda mentioned that there are lots of Texans who have their heads on straight, my bad.
Yeah, it's not so bad if you live in a major populated area. I, unfortunately, do not lol. At least not yet. I'll soon be in Houston, and then it's off to Austin, and after that, who knows!

Houston made me proud when they elected her, I did happy claps all day!
Welcome, I am from the Tomball area.
If you need some atheist backup down in texas, just hit me up, i will immediately summon the flying spaghetti monster to assist you.,lol
Welcome Welcome!
Some people refer to Alberta ( where I live) as the "Texas of Canada" b/c of the Oil wealth - and Conservative, redneck attitudes - but we also have some of the most progressive legislation in the country. But just like you say the small towns can still be pretty unfriendly!
"hitting on a drunk guy at a party" made me laugh!
Pleased to make your aquaintance!



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