I have a Blackberry 9700 that I'm addicted to and I can't log into Atheist Nexus, so I need some advice/help on this issue.

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Works fine on my 8530 Curve in the Blackberry, Opera, or Bolt browsers.

Make sure in Options/Tools-->Advanced Options-->Browser Push-->Everything is on enabled, allowed or on auto. Also in the Browser itself Options, make sure everything is enabled in Configuration and General Properties.

They are handy when your waiting in line or have to kill some time and you can check out this site (or any).
What happens when you try?
I have been having problems accessing A/N from my ipad.
I some cases I don't see the 'reply' button, and I can never see the 'Follow' button.
(Sorry SK - not helpful to you, but thought we might have some techies showing up here)
That's because your precious Apple Corp. has declared a holy war on Flash.
I don't see any reply or follow buttons that use flash.
This whole sit is glued together by flash. The other critical thing is javascript. And then there is the can of worms of popup blockers, cookies etc. etc. Any amount of things can screw this site. If you're running it on an i-Pad, which is anything but a standard browsing environment, weirdness is guaranteed.
The buttons mentioned do not require flash. I have disabled flash and they appear fine for me. If they aren't showing on ipad safari then it's due to a javascript bug in some part of the dojo library I'd guess.
This message was sent using my Blackberry using the Bolt browser. Now if I could just make my thumbs smaller I'd reply more often from this thing.

Edited from my laptop: I find the Bolt browser the best (over the Blackberry or Opera) at replicating an actual computer's browser.
When I go to the site it's perfect, but when I try to log in It goes to a blank screen with no where to log in at.
Self Know, I'm glad these folks have Blackberries and can (hopefully) assist you, as I don't have one and wouldn't have the first clue.
Thank you guys for the responses.
For, some reason, everything seems to work fine now and I can see anything.




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