Guilty on 17 counts...adds up to 300 years in prison.  I had to rewind my DVR after hearing that on the ABC News tonight.  Of course he won't sit in prison for 300 years for these corruption charges...more like 10-15....maybe.  But hearing the words "300 years in prison" sure makes you think!  And Blagojevich said the words "It's in God's hands now" into the microphone.  Which made me snicker.  



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That's Chicago politics across the board. No news here.

But isn't a politician being indicted for all those corruption charges worthy of making the NEWS?  Are we getting so cynical that we expect greedy people to NOT get a good dose of justice once in awhile?  It made me feel a  bit better about the criminal justice system and the jurors in Illinois... they are attempting to cleanup the 'garbage' and make reforms. 


I've become a fan of the tv show 'Chicago Code'... I enjoy the 'good cop' hero, his sidekick, and the female chief of police trying to fight the corruption and bad reputation of Chicago politics.  I think the show does a good job addressing how difficult it is to tackle the entrenched system of 'the Chicago Machine'.

Too bad, I think it was cancelled.
I hadn't heard that...that's disappointing.  So I won't be expecting to watch it in the fall, I guess.  I recorded most of the season so I'll have to be happy with that.
I suppose it is news worthy. I don't think I"m being cynical, I think I'm being realistic. They also aren't cleaning up anything. It's such an entrenched system up there, and in all politics, that I don't really see any meaningful change happening. Blagojevich is just the end result of an inherently corrupt political system. Drop in the bucked if you ask me.

Newsworthy, that's what I meant...worthy of notice.  It got my attention, even though I'm not a citizen of Illinois.  I live across the border from Rockford, in Wisconsin.  I think that civil servants who don't follow the rules of ethics, for ex, serving themselves instead of serving the public, need to be punished.  

Yes, the bucket is pretty empty! ha  But it's a move in the right direction.

I don't think of the political system as inherently corrupt because I see it in historical context.  It's as corrupt as society allows it to be...sometimes citizens get 'fed up'!  The history of American politics is certainly filled with corruption but that's because white collar crime has been viewed as 'business as usual' and somehow 'normal'.  Voters can vote people out that are abusing their political power and status...but sometimes the criminal justice system has to step in to speed up the process! 


I hope this event will be the start of a new breed of politicians.  But, then again, I'm idealistic!  I'm a true progressive in the area of human justice is possible because the system can change for the better, given the leadership, transparency, and resources necessary.  No system is static.

Because of Chicago politics, I thought he'd wangle his way out of his legal jam. I'm glad to see justice served on that over-coiffed peckerwood.
His smooth talking could only get him so far...the jurors could see what a manipulative man he truly is and how much he LOVED media attention at any cost...even when it made him look like a complete idiot...he got noticed and just couldn't keep his mouth shut!  Justice served indeed!




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