The New Zealand Humanist Society had a lot of trouble getting their "GOOD WITHOUT GOD? OVER ONE MILLION KIWIS ARE" posters on buses earlier this Summer, but a month after they finally went up, only one complaint about them was received.

That, it is easy to predict, will not be the case with a new crop of posters now appearing all over Aukland, New Zealand's largest city.


These new, controversial posters take pokes at Jesus, Muhammad, tele-evangelists and pedophilia in the Catholic Church but, interestingly enough, they are not the product of any atheist, secularist or humanist groups.


Instead, they're the brainchildren of an Aukland-based advertising agency called Muckmouth, and are being used to sell skateboards.


Anti-religious skateboards?


More here.



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XD Pedobear in the background. <3
Cute poster.
Nice to know that there are people outside of humanist, secularist, freethinker etc. groups, who don't see religion as worthy of respect.




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