Hi all
We in Ireland have a big problem and we sure could use any help we can get.
The government Minister Dermot Ahern proposes to bring in a law proscribinh Blasphemy.
That's right, he actually wants to make blasphemy a criminal act, punishable by law.
Without going into it in detail (those wishing to can do so by visiting blasphemy.ie, irish-times.com, any irish newspaper atheist nexus discussion site etc.), the minister states that the Irish Constitution actually makes blasphamy a crime "punishable by law", and the problem is that the law has no defination of "Blasphemy".
He states that he has the duty to bring the law in line with the constitution and had to choose between changing the law or changing the constitution (which would require a referendum).
Now forgive me if I think that this is a load of Bollox.
This anomily between Irish law and the constitution has been there for approx. 62 years without any street protests, constitutional actions, prosecutions or even rude words been uttered.
The majority of Irish people (including the vast majority of Theists) feel that such a law is not only un-necessary, but unwanted. However as thete are no elections due for some time, the present government can more or less do as they wish for the moment, and unfortunately many of the majority in this country will not protest in a meaningful way anything that does not effect them immediately, and this does not at present.

So why now in the 21st centuary raise such a matter.
I don't now, but several theorys have been proposes -take your pick-
-The Irish government are presently way behind in the polls, their worst position on record
-The main government party from which Mr Ahern is drawn is a populist party, mainly Roman Catholic, and panders to its percieved electorate
-A look at Dermot Ahern's record (see Wikipedia) seems to reveal a right wing homophobic nature

Whatever, if you could you please take time to take a look at this issue and if possible make some suggestions as to how we can fight this.
Please take a look at Blasphemy.ie (not my site, but it has a lot of useful info.,
Sorry to rant for so long, but I'm worried,

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Done. This may not accomplish anything on its own but it's a good idea to combat it immediately and in any way, large or small.


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