Here's a discussion dedicated to how comedians deal with religion on this side of the pond. We have very little reserve when it comes to religion and almost all our best comedians have something worth saying about it.

Addendum: I thought it would be remiss of me to include these brilliant comedians and not provide a little background to them. I make no claims to being a comprehensive biographer here, I'll just update the info as and when I can, because I seriously love these guys, they are my favourite comedians and I wouldn't want their names to just fade from your memory having watched them; -

Boyle, Frankie (Scottish)
Brigstocke, Marcus (English)
Byrne, Ed (Irish)
Fry, Stephen (English)
Carr, Jimmy (Irish-English)
Connolly, Billy (Scottish)
Davies, Alan (Welsh-English)
Gervais, Ricky (English)
Izzard, Eddie (English)
Minchin, Tim (Australian)
Mitchell, David (English)
Moran, Dylan (Irish)
O'Briain, Dara (Irish)
Steel, Mark (English)
Webb, Robert (English)
[Keep watching this space]

Here we have Tim Minchin's "Storm", perhaps the greatest and most entertaining summation of the atheist position there has ever been, perhaps better than the God Delusion (Sacrilege!!!); but here it is...


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Hilarious; I bought a Dave Allen dvd for my dad this Christmas. Cheers for that, great Irish comedian and atheist, dearly missed (died. aged 68, 10th March, 2005).
Bravi!!! Thank you, Christopher, great compilation.




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