The first thing I did was ask her why brain damage causes memory loss. She replied that damage to the memory center of the brain would result in a loss of memory because that is where memories are stored. I then explained to her that when you die your memory center dies as well. She agreed to that. Then I said, so when you are dead you have no memory. Therefore when you get to heaven you have no memories. She did not know what to say.

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Yes logic does tend to have that kind of effect of them if they actually listen to it. Unfortunately they tend perform some 1984 doublethink most of the time so they don't have to consider the implications of what your telling them.


There's a book that really gives a lot of detail about why god is really in our brain. Titled, plainly enough, The God Part of the Brain. It's by Micheal Alper. 


I can't remember the details but I remember a story of a man who was working for the Rail Road in the 19th century and got struck in the head. Before hand he was a nice,curious man who never swore and was a very moral person, Afterwards he did a 180. He swore and acted unethically. Makes one wonder what god was thinking when he caused the accident.

That story, and many like it, are also in a great (though dated) book by Oliver Sacks called "The Man who Mistook His Wife for a Hat and other Clinical Tales".  Sacks has some very interesting stories about people who have sustained damage to certain areas of the brain and how they behave.  For example, phantom limbs and Tourettes' syndrome.  If you like this sort of thing, you'd like his more recent book, "Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain" which details the effects of damage to areas having to do with musical appreciation/skill...sort of like savants when it comes to music.  The chapter on Blindness and Music explores the 'verbal memories' and exceptional talent that often accompanies a visual handicap.  I think it is fascinating to think of a 'God Part' of the human brain and will be checking that book out mentioned above!  There is a connection between music and strong emotional feelings...memories attached to song lyrics also.  It makes you wonder about the effects of hymns, gospel music, and the like.

OK, so when you get to heaven, what do you wear? Do they wear kaftans or smocks or what? Is there a heavenly uniform, like you get when you join the army? Do you get about naked, or do you have on what you wore when you died? 

LOL - just joking, ( but think about it anyway ).

Disembodies souls don't need clothes...if they do, it has to be loose-fitting and comfortable.  We are talking eternity gotta be tight waistbands or itchy collars.

Me, I think about angel wings...does everybody get to be an angel or just the super special people... is there a ranking system in heaven...some people get the 'good seats' and others have to make due with the 'cheap seats' in the back?  Social status structure or egalitarian?

Yes, there is a ranking system in heaven, Jebus sits at the right hand of god, the rest get the cheap seats.
I'm sure they will come up with some bullshit work around.
When I get to heaven, I am going to walk around completely naked.
That's enough to make me prefer hell, right there.
That's great.  She probably has to go and consult the church to find out a response to you.
She made an excuse to go offline right at that moment. I sort of feel bad about it now. I feel like maybe I should just let her have her beliefs and be happy. I don't want to be the sort of person who goes about pissing on other people's parades.

"...maybe I should just let her have her beliefs...."

I hope none of us kick crutches from under people who need them.

I hope too that all of us resist their efforts to make us depend on their crutch.




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