The first thing I did was ask her why brain damage causes memory loss. She replied that damage to the memory center of the brain would result in a loss of memory because that is where memories are stored. I then explained to her that when you die your memory center dies as well. She agreed to that. Then I said, so when you are dead you have no memory. Therefore when you get to heaven you have no memories. She did not know what to say.

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Maybe Christians think that souls have memories....  I would like to hear more about the description of this 'soul'.  I don't imagine a Christian can point out the soul region on a chart of the human body.  Unless he/she points to the BRAIN...which really IS the source of religious belief. 


Souls go to heaven, supposedly, not bodies.  Spiritual entities, not Physical.   And there are 'lost souls'....which I imagine describes an atheist soul.  I guess we have some 'soul-searching' to do...ha ha.

And some of those wives wouldn't KNOW about the other wives, right?? That could be a messy situation:  "SO you moved on, I see....", "HEY, you said I was the only one you'd ever love.", "Seriously, Phyllis from down the street...reallllly?" 


One would hope god would let us look our best in heaven...and not decrepit...not that I'll be there...I'm just saying.... eternity is a LONG time.

ha ha..that's funny...who says a wife would desire to spend an eternity with somebody they barely tolerated for 60 years.... 'til death do us part' is a blessing in itself...ha. (Finally, I can take ballroom dancing lessons.....).  The afterlife should be an upgrade.

Hehe, reading this thread got me wondering...

how about epidermal skin? It's dead tissue, would that pass on to heaven? Or hair for that matter?

It would be quite awful arriving in heaven, only to be seen by your deceased relatives as a scorched, hairless nude.


On the other hand, if hair and dead tissue did cross to the other side... would all the hair and skin that we discard through life, be waiting for us in a corner of heaven?... ick


Sad thing about there not being a heaven.... it stops us from having a discussion about all these strange and awkward possibilities :). Though listening to theists trying to come up with answers can be quite fun.


There not being a heaven doesn't stop us from having a discussion....

Reincarnation makes as much sense as xianity's next life. I like to tell xians:

1. The next time around on my way to nirvana I will choose my parents more carefully, or

2. In my next life I will be a part time lawyer and a part time massage therapist and get my clients' bank accounts and their bodies.

I can indulge in as much imagination as they.


I'm surprised she didn't say that somehow, the soul stores your memories and personality, like a backup drive, so when you get to heaven, you don't lose any information.


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