How do I block a member in AN?  I have been added as a friend by people I don't know / never had contact with, thanks.  Silvia

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You aren't "friends" with someone till you accept the request.  There's a button you click to turn down the request. Or, just never click the button to accept the request. 

Thanks; I just realized it works the same as in the other sites.

OK, let's say we change our mind about wanting someone as a friend, how do we block that person?

Okay ... here's what you do:

First of all, let's say I want to block that Sylvia Saint-Claire poyson (I don't like her at all - she's NASTY [giggle!]).  On her profile there is a hot link labeled "Block Messages:"

Note the arrow (which I so cleverly inserted!) which points to the hot link.  Click on that.  Now ... What it actually DOES, I have ZERO idea, but you can certainly give it a try and see what happens.  I say this purely because I don't recall trying it on anyone here in recent memory.  About all I can say is give it a shot and see whatcha got ... then let us know, okay?

Hope this works for you, Sylvia ... and ya know ... yer not all that nasty, really! [chuckle!]

Thanks, got me scared for a moment. LOL

Hey, I'm a weirdo, I know it!




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