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That sounds a lot like blaming the rape victim for the rape.  Not cool!

On the other hand, it takes courage to stand up for your convictions.

The religious are willing to die for their causes. If atheists are not also willing, we will lose the battle of reason and fall into another Dark Age.

Unfortunately there are casualties. In religion they are called martyrs. In the military they are called heroes. Atheists need some sort of similar veneration; a positive term for those who are willing to give their all in the name of reason.

Make no mistake, we are in a war, and not just of ideas, but a war where the other side is willing to kill or die to defend its ground. If all we do is hide and quit the field, we have already lost.

When there are enough of us willing to stand our ground and give no more, then the other side will be the ones to quit the field.

The fellow is a hero for standing up for truth, and that is how he should be portrayed by us.

It is only a waste if it does not spur more of us to do the same, that he was seriously injured and might die standing up for the dignity of others who will not defend themselves and merely hide when the going gets tough.

Historically, I think it is more effective to kill others for your beliefs, and then accuse them of killing your own for your beliefs.  I don't think I would have the stomach to follow through with the second action after performing the first step.  




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