Blog Noir: Are Democrats locking atheists out in advance of 2012?

In order to lock religious votes -- especially Independents, Catholics (including Hispanic votes) and the highly-religious African-American community?

I ask this because I've had a helluva time keeping accounts going on liberal sites with forums. Now, maybe it's just me -- I freely admit to being an angry and vocal atheist -- but for the life of me, I can't keep accounts going on liberal/progressive sites like DU ( which is a choice news aggregator with generally more thoughtful forums.

I've tried being real nice, going so far as to play the role of appeaser. As soon as I make one tiny misstep, I'm outta there. Meanwhile, believers are free to make the most outrageously ignorant an bigoted statements and outlandish accusations and they are taken seriously.

Here's where religion and leftie politics crash together and whitecap. Atheists are inevitably shuffled off stage-left along with the proverbial Devil (literally, for once). We complicate the political calculus, and therefore, we're not welcome.

My latest banning from DU wasn't my first. That's where this story get's interesting. See, I'm a sneaky brat, and I used an IP-spoofer to get myself back into DU before I moved 1200 miles away. There's no way DU could have connected me back to my old, banned account.

Yet I was banned for no discernible reason, after I foolishly swapped emails with another banned DUer and hinted at my zombie status on the site. It was a sting! A setup! Just to catch zombies like little old me! (Alternative theories exist, but until further evidence comes in, I'm going with this one.) Fortunately I had the foresight to use a throwaway email and didn't mention my true identity.

It's cloak and dagger, man! Totally spy-vs-spy material, but playing out on everyday Joe Blows like me, instead of trained operatives like Jason Bourne or James Bond or James Brown. :) (Sorry, I got into a J.B. roll, there...)

Anyway, it's bullshit and I'm pissed. Any atheist on DU who has half a spine and half a brain gets shit-canned, while the bigot trolls continue provoking flamewar after flamewar. Fuck the motherfuckers.

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Thank you. I was worried it was just me seeing this disturbing trend.

I agree.  If Atheism is advancing and/or growing, it's not obvious hearing the political news.


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