I wanted to see if anyone else had an issue with their AN blog. I had a post and even replied to a comment. Now when I go to my profile/blog it's not there.

Hmmm I doubt it was deleted because it was a post about supporting AAI.

Thought I mention this here to see if it's a possible bug.


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try googling -

site:atheistnexus.org your keywords

If it exists, it should find it.
I remember reading that post V1ktor. I clicked on your "blog" link just now, and didn't see it.
Viktor, Hey, it was deleted because it was considered Spam. This is probably because you were asking people to buy books through Amazon. I know this because I am getting ready to do the same thing through Atheist Nexus.

Also, I sent you an email yesterday. Call me so we can work on our "project."





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