There's a new atheist blogroll taking shape.  Please take a look when you can.

Syndicated Atheist

The intent is to have an exhaustive, current, list of blogs by atheists. It was inspired by Mojoey's  now-idle Atheist Blogroll.  One of mojoey's posts says that he is working on a blogroll service -- until then, please feel free to use this new one.  

Right now, the only blogs listed are with or  The others will take a little longer to input but thankfully I'm getting a workflow established.

The major differences with the Syndicated Atheist are:

  • Sites with no posts in 180 days go into the inactive bucket. These are re-reviewed automatically and go back into "active" if a new post is added.
  • Only RSS sites can be included. This is necessary because my script for validating the most recent post has to use the RSS file.
  • Bloggers with active sites can promote their site periodically (but I don't know how often this will be)

I have some questions for the community.

  1. Should I change the 180 day limit for marking a blog inactive?
  2. Should I include "editor's picks"?

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